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native copie.jpg

No. 26
(Singapore City/Singapore)

Native opened in 2016, focusing on exploring the region’s diverse cultural and physical landscape through the lens of drinks. At Native you'll find Singapore Gins, Indian Whisky and Sri Lanakn Arrack to name a few. This idea extends to the entire venue space inclusive of furniture, aprons, ceramics and music. Cocktails are based on ideas and inspiration linking tradition, time, location and forgotten cultures.


No. 27

Guests will be inspired in Artesian, (named after the original 360ft-deep well under the hotel). Here even the ice is special, produced using the very latest technology, creating ice that is purer, colder and with a higher density, making it last longer and your cocktails cooler. Artesian is at the forefront of the sophisticated London bar scene, creating a perfect blend of a fun atmosphere with an innovative approach to cocktails, created by the entire team in their laboratory.


No. 28
(New York/US)

Chiselling the bar experience back to its key elements – the vibe, the drinks, the service –  is Attaboy. That’s the reason this place is still heaving many years on from its opening –  Extraneous to these core values are pretention and excess. There’s no menu here but once you’re seated, a bartender will soon appear to get a gauge on your preferences and mood. Cocktails at Attaboy are bespoke, but tend to have classical foundations and there are some house specials to try too.

Photo by Luis e Carranza


No. 29
Locale Firenze

Inspired by the first official journey made by the Japanese to the United States in 1860, The SG Club offers a unique blend of influences reminiscent of the era when cocktail culture was reaching its first golden age. Divided into two floors known as Sip and Guzzle,

Guzzle, located on the ground floor, offers an upbeat and warm atmosphere with a vintage
west coast feel. Downstairs awaits Sip, a basement haven hinting at an old New York gang club with samurai inspirations. Many cocktails here draw from the unique flavor combinations one finds at fine dining restaurants.


No. 30
(New Delhi/India)

Sidecar is an artisanal cocktail bar in DELHI, INDIA, launched in December 2018.  It's another interpretation of a bartender's bar, where the muse is the Classic "SIDECAR" cocktail. The design to brand ethics are all made to enjoy a Sidecar perched a top the beautiful barstools.  They do most of thei flavor extraction themselves including bitters, syrups, grogs and tinctures.  Their main focus is on producing some of the finest craft cocktails ( made with lots of love & care of course!). 


No. 31

Born in 2013, 1930 is the most famous speakeasy in Milan, creation of Flavio Angiolillo and Marco Russo managed by Fabio Cavagna (for friendsBenjamin). As the speakeasy tradition dictates, the 1930 address is known only to a select few. Like a hidden treasure, the 1930 Cocktail Bar remains a mysterious and fascinating place reserved for experts of the sector and for passionate mixologists. A refined and elegant environment where you can take refuge and escape the everyday life.

2022 07 20_La Trova Team_FR_8210.jpeg

No. 32
Cafe La Trova

The world famous Julio Cabrera and his team of Cantineros bring to life the retro Cuba atmosphere with their artisanal, handcrafted cocktails. James Beard Award Winning Chef Michelle Bernstein lends her culinary prowess with a contemporary take on Cuban-styled dishes. Immerse yourself in Miami Cuban culture with live music played by real Trova musicians. 


No. 33
Dukes Bar

The DUKES Bar martinis are legendary and as quoted by the New York Times, ‘one of the world’s best.’

If the walls of this intimate space could tell a thousand stories…

Every Martini or personalised cocktail served at the internationally acclaimed bar is an occasion, with our world class bartender team at the helm. Whether visiting for the first time or more, a special rendezvous with friends, a romantic meeting with a lover or a relaxing moment after a meeting, DUKES Bar provides the setting for an unforgettable experience.

Photo by Dukes London


No. 34

Located on the 3rd floor of Devonshire House, Silverleaf is one of the first independent cocktail bars to be part of a luxury hotel offering. Dedicated to giving our guests a full sensory experience, the design of the bar by Tom Dixon is inspired by naturalism and its elements whilst the forward-thinking cocktail menu is rooted around flavour and colour profiles with a minimal presentation. There is a semi-private area for up to 8 guests and Alba, a private room designed and dedicated for intimate drink experiences, can accommodate 11.


No. 35

HIMKOK is an acclaimed cocktail bar embodying Norwegian culture through their handcrafted cocktails and distilled spirits. This is expressed through a cocktail menu showcasing and celebrating centuries of Norwegian traditions. Inspired by traditional techniques they convey their vision through classic cocktails combined with Scandinavian flavours using modern technology. With a fully functioning micro-distillery, they strive to create drinks and products with a pure Nordic taste through sustainable and empirical production.  

baba au rum.JPG

No. 36
Baba au Rum

Baba Au Rum is a Rum & Cocktail bar located in the historical centre of Athens. Opened on March 2009,  Baba brought fine drinking culture to the streets of Athens for the first time. Having an extended list of both classic and contemporary cocktails and an unlimited back bar with more than 350 different rums from around the world (but also a large selection of Single Malt Whiskies, Cognacs, Gins and Agave spirits). The united team of extraordinary bartenders has been here for more than six years.


No. 37
Freni e Frizioni

Freni e Frizioni is a street cocktail bar, born in 2005 in a former mechanic shop with the intention of bringing to Rome the ritual of “aperitivo” traditionally consumed in the northern regions of Italy. Over time, remaining faithful to the concept of street bar, it has developed an ever more articulated proposal thanks to the constant research and study both in terms of products, technics and hospitality, not just drinks but also music, art and design. Freni e Frizioni is a “high volume” cocktail bar where the quantity goes hand in hand with quality.

Camparino Team.jpg

No. 38
Camparino in Galleria

Camparino in Galleria is the legendary bar opened by Davide Campari in Milan's Galleria Vittorio Emanuele II in 1915. The bar was opened opposite to Caffè Campari, the establishment opened by Gaspare Campari -  Davide’s  father  and  the  creator  of  the bitter liqueur - in 1867. An instant hit with the people of Milan, the bar became synonymous with the city's aperitivo tradition and in 2015 marked its 100th anniversary. Following a renovation project, the bar reopens to the public in autumn 2019 with a refreshed identity and food and drink offering.

Overstory Interior Dusk_Natalie Black.jpg

No. 39
(New York/USA)

70 Pine Street is one of New York’s great Art Deco landmarks. Designed by Clinton & Russell, Holton & George, and completed in 1932, In late 2021, Kent opened a pair of outlets in the building’s tiered spire: a fine-dining restaurant called SAGA and a cocktail bar
called Overstory. Designed by MN, the 24-seat barroom is characterized by blush plaster walls, burgundy banquettes, and modeled on a vintage theater marquee. With and a wraparound terrace with uninterrupted views of New York's port, Overstory is a singular addition to the city’s bar scene.

Photo by Natalie Black


No. 40
Le Syndicat

Le Syndicat, is the first cocktail bar using only French alcohol in order to showcase the diversity France has to offer and bring back long forgotten traditional liquors. Pouring French spirits while playing hip hop, is what they do and Le Syndicat is definitely a place to party. It's a Cocktail Club, where GrandPa’s spirits have gone gangsta! 

Rosewood London_Scarfes Bar (1).jpg

No. 41
Scarfes Bar
(London /UK)

Scarfes Bar is inspired by the atmosphere of a drawing room and a sophisticated gentleman’s club. Art and books adorn the walls whilst a creative menu of cocktails and live music throughout the week adds to the exciting ambiance.

28 HKS_05.jpg

No. 42
28 Hong Kong Street
(Singapore City/Singapore)

Located minutes away from Singapore’s Central Business District, 28 Hong Kong Street is the perfect escape from the madness of the city. The cocktail bar is hidden behind one of the many old shophouses,  making it fun to find. The darkness and privacy of the room brings you back to New York cocktail bars with a very lengthy cocktail & spirits list, accommodating for every taste. Expect a dynamic mix of urban swing and hip hop classics pumped out of the speakers, creating the ultimate party vibe.

MO BAR 5.jpg

No. 43
Mo Bar
(Singapore City/Singapore)

Journey through the Pacific Ocean and discover vibrant flavours and ingredients of South East Asia at MO BAR, with stunning views of Marina Bay. Blending the finest ingredients with progressive techniques, curated beverages range from refreshing to spirituous, the innovative cocktail menu can be paired with eclectic bar bites.


No. 44
Red Frog
(Red Frog/Portugal)

Inspired by the great masters of the past who were governed by philosophies that are still unique today.
We use modern and current techniques, capable of creating such innovative, memorable cocktails. Based on the old tastes of our land, we intend to show you ingredients that link us to the traditions and culture of our country, without forgetting our global mission: environmental sustainability. In this new chapter, we intend to explore the essence of the relationship between the foundations of ancestral and modern “mixology”, without losing the DNA of each classic cocktail.

oriole interior bar.jpg

No. 45

The Oriole’s sumptuous space is an oasis of warmth, mystery and magic where in the evening Londoners and visitors alike can enjoy a glorious sense of disconnection from the outside world. At Oriole they cherish exploration - new tastes, colours and ingredients discovered in the farthest reaches of the globe: brought back, cherished and embraced. Their drinks are described as the harvest of history and of adventure - in a glass.


No. 46

Danico is the bar attached to hotspot Daroco, a large light, and chic 180 seat Italian eatery all housed in Jean Paul Gaultier’s former flagship, located in the oldest Parisian Gallery Vivienne. The masterminds behind it are Nico de Soto and his team. Their approach of drinks are inspired by travels and cuisine, always trying to get new flavours, combinations and techniques. So come & travel !"

jerry thomas.jpg

No. 47
Jerry Thomas

The Jerry Thomas Speakeasy arises from the idea of bringing back to light a forgotten classic mixing style. In 2010 a group of bartenders decided to open a small club in the heart of Rome in which colleagues, spirit afficianados, the curious and industry representatives could meet and share their expertise and knowledge. This was actually the first “secret bar” in Italy. After eight years, the “Jerry” is still a reference for the bartending industry in the region by seeking, sharing and spreading its knowledge within the Italian industry.


No. 48
(New York/USA)

An adored Greenwich Village neighborhood restaurant and bar established in 1915, Dante celebrates the traditional way of community in New York City. With over 100 years of history, Dante honours the simplicity of gathering with friends over authentic Italian-Australian food and world class drinks. With the re-opening of the restaurant in 2015, Australian owners Linden Pride and Natalie Hudson seek to preserve Dante’s original heritage whilst constantly striving for innovation. 

1862 Dry Bar-3.jpg

No. 49
1862 Dry Bar

Open since May 2012, 1862 Dry Bar is a classic cocktail bar set up in an old palace in the center of Madrid. The name of the bar answers to the coincidence of two factors: on one hand, the building in which it is located was built that year; on the other hand, in 1862 the first cocktail book in history was published in the United States. The cocktail menu, logically, is based on the true classics.  In addition, we have a section of our own recipes that we renew every season.


No. 50
Gucci Giardino 25

Located in Florence's, Giardino 25 is an all-day café and cocktail bar. Taking inspiration from one of the location's previous tenants, a historical florist, the venue is characterized by a sense of wonder and harmonious contrasts. Giardino 25 is helmed by the Umbria-born Martina Bonci, whose passion for mixology began in her great grandmother's kitchen with furtive sips of wine and was shaped by diverse experiences throughout Italy.  Her distinctive line-up of balanced, colorful cocktails is characterized by creative inventiveness and high-quality ingredients, reflecting the core values of Gucci. 

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