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No. 1

Paradiso is a speakeasy style bar located behind a Pastrami Bar you enter through an old refrigerator. The design is a mix of wooden waves on the ceiling, white Carrara marble on the bar and jungle palmed walls. The cocktail menu consists of 25 signature drinks. Each one with unique glassware, garnishes and techniques focussed on surprising guests.


No. 2
Connaught Bar

The Connaught Bar has been injecting innovation into the classic style of five-star hotel bars service since 2008 under the leadership of Ago Perrone. A non-stop journey to elevate mixology to a true form of art - through liquid and experiences, as well as the ability to embrace change while staying true to tradition. Today, the team, led by Ago, his right hand man, Head Mixologist Giorgio Bargiani, and Deputy Bar Manager Maura Milia, continues to demonstrate a consistent performance in offering the highest standard of hospitality and creativity with style.

Photo by Lateef Okunnu

jigger & pony.jpg

No. 3
Jigger & Pony
(Singapore City/Singapore)

Since its opening in May 2012, Jigger & Pony championed the movement of bringing back classic cocktails in Singapore. Named after the double-coned measuring device used by bartenders to accurately pour out spirits, Jigger & Pony pays tribute to the 19th century, when cocktail recipes were listed in “jiggers” and “ponies”. They define modern cocktail culture, through convivial hospitality, craftsmanship and inventive concepts.

Lyaness_Interiors_1 (1).jpg

No. 4

Lyaness opened in March 2019 and is located on the former site of Dandelyan in the iconic Sea Containers building in London. An innovative, bright and high energy bar with a focus on key ingredients, the cocktail menu at Lyaness is designed to give guests more autonomy and allow them to discover their ultimate cocktail.

LRD interior 2019.jpg

No. 5
Little Red Door

With a cosy, neighbourhood vibe, international crowd and quirky staff Little Red Door has something for everyone. Creative Director Rory Shepherd says "the international team is the key to its progressiveness and creativity. Learning from each others backgrounds and everyone having a voice is so important to us".

ATLAS - Parkview Square Interior 4.jpg

No. 6
(Singapore City/Singapore)

ATLAS graces the ground floor of one of Singapore’s most iconic buildings, Parkview Square, in the history-rich Bugis neighbourhood.
A celebration of the grand Art Deco lobbies of Europe and the era’s rich culinary and beverage traditions, ATLAS offers a carefully curated all-day drinking and dining experience that continues late into the night.

Photo by EK Yap & Atlas


No. 7
The Clumsies

The Clumsies is an all day high-volume bar set in a townhouse in the center of Athens. Serving specialty coffee, casual food and low abv cocktails throughout the day and in the evenings their signature menu, they provide a warm and welcoming atmosphere, typical of Greek hospitality.


No. 8
Tayēr + Elementary

Opened in June 2019 by renowned bartenders, Monica Berg and Alex Kretena, Tayer+Elementary is split into two different bar concepts. Elementary situated at the front of the bar, is a light and casual bar focussed on providing simple seasonal drinks and snacks. Tayer being a more progressive and experimental bar with a more elevated offering. 

Photo by Bernard Zeija


No. 9

In 2016, Jean Trinh opened Alquímico in Cartagena. 

The bar is split over three floors, each with a different concept, but sharing a high-energy atmosphere. It offers cocktails highlighting local ingredients with music provided by DJs playing modern mixes of eclectic sounds. In the midst of the pandemic, Trinh made the decision to move the staff to a farm in Filandia, 800km away. At the farm, the team has built a new home and started growing organic fruits, herbs, sugarcane and speciality coffee. The ambitious farm project will continue to run as a way of supplying Alquímico with fresh organic ingredients.

Drink Kong Alberto Blasetti .jpg

No. 10
Drink Kong

Drink Kong is somewhere you can forget all the bad things that happened throughout your day. The menu is made in a way that you have to follow your instincts through colors and small descriptions. The design is inspired by futuristic Japanese/Blade Runner style, with neon lights, arcade games and a bar that pushes the boundaries of flavour. Their love of Japan is evident in the Omakase room where customers can experience private cocktail tastings.

Photo by Alberto Blasetti

two schmucks.jpg

No. 11
Two Schmucks

Two Schmucks is a five star dive bar in the Raval area of Barcelona,The bar is a reflection of the people who inhabit and they're...well, schmucks.

HP team.jpg

No. 12
Hanky Panky
(Mexico City/Mexico)

Hanky Panky is Mexico City's first speakeasy bar. A one-of-a-kind establishment dedicated to leading and setting the standard of quality service and cocktails. It’s situated in colonia Juárez, one of Mexico City’s most emblematic neighborhoods that is currently experiencing a business and culture renewal. As a speakeasy, Hanky Panky can't disclose its address. Each bartender at Hanky Panky is also part owner of the venue investing their time to create a community amongst themselves, and with cocktail connoisseurs in Mexico and the world. The establishment is inspired upon Ada Coleman’s cocktail, “The Hanky Panky”, created in the 1930s at The Savoy, London.

Side Hustle.jpg

No. 13
Side Hustle

Set in the building’s former Police Station, Side Hustle is NoMad’s take on the classic British pub seen through a NoMad lens with a few surprises. The menu at Side Hustle is inspired by Executive Chef Ashley Abodeely’s time living in Los Angeles where she developed a passion for Southern California’s fresh, Mexican-influenced cuisine. The cocktail program  is centered around a large selection of agave-based spirits and cocktails, showcasing the flavors and traditions of Mexico along with classic and contemporary British, European and American offerings.

Singapore_Manhattan_The Main Salon.jpg

No. 14
Manhattan Bar
(Singapore City/Singapore)

Inspired by the Golden Age of cocktails and fine drinking, Manhattan is reminiscent of a grand hotel bar, modern yet with a touch of old New York glamour and sophistication. Choose your tipple from artisanal spirits, classic and forgotten cocktails, meticulously crafted from the world’s first in-hotel rickhouse, with a remarkable collection of house-made ingredients, accompanied by gourmet bar bites.


No. 15
Licoreria Limantour
(Mexico City/Mexico)

Limantour opened in 2011 and offers one of the best and largest selections of cocktails in Mexico city in an upscale setting. The bar combines a love for service with innovation in design, and uses only the freshest ingredients to create sophisticated cocktails that celebrate taste, texture and aroma. Behind every cocktail at Limantour is a story to tell with a recipe created by the bartender in their quest to find a mixture with perfect balance and unique ingredients that characterise the Latin Blend.


No. 16
Salmon Guru

Salmon Guru opened up it's doors on the 1st of July 2016, on the historic Echegaray Street (originally called Calle del Lobo). Just like the 1960s cocktail bar decor, the menu is an eclectic mix. You’ll find perfectly executed classic cocktails alongside their in-house creations served alongside delicious sharing platters.

maybe sammy.jpeg

No. 17
Maybe Sammy

Maybe Sammy takes inspiration from the roaring fifties, the rebirth of cool, the era where fashion and fun prevailed. A time when The Rat Pack and Hollywood glamour were revered and admired. Their Signature Drinks are named after some of "the boys" favourite haunts on the Vegas strip. Take a look through the Mini Martinis list and you will instantly recognise their ode to the most iconic cocktails of all time. swift.jpg

No. 18

Inspired by European-style bars, where a quick drink signals the end of the day and the beginning of the night, Swift consists of two stylish bars, set across two floors in the heart of Soho. The ground floor runs a slick service that reflects Swift’s name, focusing on aperitifs such as Martinis and oysters. The Downstairs Bar is designed for lingering a little longer, with art-deco booths, table service, a world class whisky list and live music, courtesy of their piano.

Photo by Addie Chinn

KK-interior-NoahFecks_818-9 (2).jpg

No. 19
Katana Kitten
(New York/US)

Masahiro Urushido and Cocktail Kingdom Hospitality Group’s James Tune and Greg Boehm teamed up to gift New York with a unique Japanese cocktail bar. Located in Greenwich Village, Katana Kitten is intended to be a casual and fun combination of Japanese street-style fare and sharp drinks. It’s a two-level establishment with music and decor inspired by the Golden Gai district of Tokyo, where tiny, tightly packed bars line the streets.

Photo by Noah Fecks


No. 20
(Hong Kong/China)

PENICILLIN, the newest brainchild of bar veterans Agung Prabowo and Roman Ghale, The duo is joined by fellowco-founders Laura Prabowo and Katy Ghale, PENICILLIN is Hong Kong’s first sustainable bar that champions a closed loop model of production. With a focus on either locally source dorup-cycled food and drinkingredients ,PENICILLIN’s bar menu finds innovation in the true flavours of Hong Kong while constantly looking for way stominimize carbon footprint.


No. 21
Floreria Atlantico
(Buenos Aires/Argentina)

From the 19th to the middle of the 20th century, more than 4 million Europeans landed in Argentina. The cultural mix of the time brought newness, dynamism to Buenos Aires and created a veritable melting pot of bars and drinks. The Floreria Atlantico is in line with this golden age of Buenos Aires. You can drink alcohol from around the world: Cocktails are unusual mixtures, cultural mirrors of the mixing of the past century. Last but not least Floreria Atlantico is in the neighbourhood of Retiro and the bar is hidden below a flower and wine shop.

Table Shapes.jpeg

No. 22

🔶🟥🔵 is a space dedicated to bringing art, and more specifically the bauhaus school of art, to life. 

Opened in May 2021 by Paul Lougrat & Remy Savage the venue is divided in 3 distinct spaces; the classroom where concepts are discussed, the manufacturing space where flavours are produced and finally the bar, where drinks are served.


No. 23

SIPS is set to redefine Barcelona's bar scene, blurring the lines between haute-couture and pret-a-porter, a disruptive cocktail experience that evolves with every sip Internationally known mixologists, Simone Caporale and Marc Alvarez, combine experience and creativity in their latest project SIPS, drinkery house, a new cocktail bar set to open in the Catalan Capital. SIPS skilfully blends the true artistry of classic cocktails with the latest technology and trends in the mixology scene.


No. 24
(Hong Kong/China)

Named after the machete like tool for harvesting agave, Coa specialises in small batched agave spirits and innovative cocktails.

ARGO_The Glass Room.JPG

No. 25
(Hong Kong/China)

ARGO is a cocktail bar that explores the modern world, celebrating innovation in the world of fine drinking. Its name is inspired by the myth of Jason and the Argonauts and their journey of discovery and exploration. ARGO focuses on how the world around us is shaping the way we drink and eat, with a primary attention to innovation in spirits making. A special rotating section of the menu, "Canvas," focuses on seasonal creations and collaborations with producers and like-minded people, pushing the boundaries of cocktail creativity.

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