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HD_Handshake Speakeasy 00070-3.jpg

No. 51
Handshake Speakeasy
(Mexico City/Mexico)

Handshake has the feel and look you’d expect from a 1920s speakeasy but your experience there is anything but that.  While the interior has very much an art deco style, and the glassware is elegant. The music is upbeat, lively and ranges from cumbia, rock to 80s hits. With a very innovative cocktail menu, the the team at Handshake always tries to surprise its guest with the newest libations. Handshake opened in the spring of 2021, with Dutchman Eric Van Beek at the creative reins. 


No. 52
Bar Benfiddich

Hiroyasu Kayama opened Bar BenFiddich in 2013 in an apartment in Nishi-Shinjuku. He harvests plants and herbs grown on his family's farm in the suburbs of Tokyo (which has been in their family for 150 years). He then uses all this produce to break down and rebuild liquors and absinthe. There is no menu at Bar BenFiddich, and each cocktail is bespoke which is partly why this bar has become so popular around the world.

bar 2.jpg

No. 53
(Singapore City/Singapore)

Analogue is driven by a team of forward-thinking individuals striving to create a more sustainable dining and drinking experience. Be it discussing ways to make our space more inclusive, sourcing for ingredients that minimise our environmental impact, or reconceptualising our energy and material use, our passion is at the heart of our work. We believe in a future that is kinder to the earth and to ourselves, and we welcome you to share it with us.

bkk social club.jpg

No. 54
BKK Social Club

Separated by half a world, yet united by a passion for life, good times, and great drinks, BKK Social Club, in the Four Seasons Hotel, raises a toast to the legendary glamour of Buenos Aires with bespoke cocktails, craft spirits and the finest cigars in a stylish, social ambience. At the helm, innovative Beverage Manager Philip Bischoff shares the artistry of mixology with cocktails that reflect the typical drinking culture of South America combined with local Thai touches.​

DCP BACK ROOM_Photograph courtesy of Emmanuel Rosario.jpg

No. 55
Double Chicken Please
(New York/US)

Double Chicken Please is a Lower East Side restaurant & cocktail bar inspired by the exploration and experimentation of traditional drinks and dishes in the spirit of hacking design. The Front Room serves up an array of draft cocktails in a casual, industrial environment. The Back Room, decked out in mid-century modern decor and lighting, offers inventive craft cocktails that deconstruct, redefine and rebuild iconic dishes into liquid form such as the Japanese Cold Noodle, Cold Pizza, Key Lime Pie, NY Beet Salad, Mango Sticky Rice and others.

Photo by Emmanuel Rosario

The Court.JPG

No. 56
The Court

It opened in July 2019. From its lounges it's possible to admire the Colosseum. The Court is located inside the seventeenth-century Palazzo Manfredi, in this Hotel Bar with an international concept it is easy to forget that you are in Rome. To the killer panorama must be even added a strong bar program made up of surprising cocktails resulting from creativity and modern technologies, the mix is completed with the final ingredient that is the great hospitality, present in every gesture and attention of the crew.

Photo by Alberto Blasetti

Panda and sons team 1.jpg

No. 57
Panda & Sons

Panda & Sons is the brainchild of famed Scottish bartender Iain McPherson. It's a table service cocktail bar, that’s all about friendly Scottish service in an intimate and cosy surrounding. Their cocktail menu offers exciting drinks using the latest techniques, including their very own called “Switching.” Their technique Switching is where you isolate the water from spirits and swap it with another non-alcoholic liquid. They lead the way in paying their staff the UK's “real living wage” and offering them a profit share programme.


No. 58
Dr. Stravinsky

Dr.Stravinsky is a craft cocktail bar located in the narrow streets of the Born area of Barcelona. They use different techniques to develop their products (redistillation, maceration, fermentation) to create the raw materials for all their drinks and allow them to control the products 100%. The two level interior is reminiscent of an old apothecary mixed with a laboratory where herb-filled glass jars, bubbling flasks and test tubes adorn the space and create the perfect ambiance.


No. 59
Bemelmans Bar
(New York/USA)

The Carlyle is an integral part of New York history. As the city’s premier luxury residential hotel, it was a famous gathering place for socialites, world leaders and celebrities when Ludwig Bemelmans began to create his masterpiece murals at the hotel bar. Using his distinct style of art, he transformed the bar with whimsical scenes of Central Park that included picnicking rabbits and ice skating elephants. With masterpiece murals, the creator of the classic Madeline children’s books, Bemelmans Bar draws socialites, politicians, movie stars and moguls with its extensive drink menu and live entertainment. 

Photo by Durston Saylor


No. 60
La Factoria
(San Juan/Puerto Rico)

La Factoría is an award-winning bar located in the historic neighborhood of Old San Juan, in Puerto Rico. Celebrated for their expertly crafted cocktails, and diversified experience, the very moment you enter their doors you can feel that this is not your ordinary bar. Their unmarked location is full of secret passages that lead to six different bars ,each curated with its own ambiance and drink menu

three sheets.jpg

No. 61
Three Sheets

Opened in September 2016, by brothers Noel and Max Venning, Three Sheets is a neighbourhood bar in Dalston. Their specialityis seasonal cocktails with a weekly rotating menu, utilising modern kitchen techniquesand ingredients to create delicious drinks.They also provide an excellent offering ofwine and beer alongside cheese and meatsas bar snacks.


No. 62
BackDoor 43

Located next to the Mag Cafè, since 2015 BackDoor43 has been able to make people talk about itself winning the title of the smallest cocktail bar in the world: 4 square meters of surface e 4 sittings, available only by reservation. Once inside the club, you can entrust to the bartender or compose your own personalized drink. BakDoor43 also offers a collection of whiskeys from around the world and it is able to satisfy those who prefer to sip a drink while walking, offering to customers a take away service.

Employees only team.jpg

No. 63
Employees Only
(New York/US)

In 2004, Employees Only began as a speakeasy in the heart of the West Village, created by five bar industry friends to fill a void in the after-hours scene. With an innate inclination for warm hospitality and playful, high-spirited service, they aimed to serve flawlessly executed cocktails and delicious, elevated food within one beautiful space and without pretense. Employees Only became a second home to guests who found themselves transported to another era as they indulged in a late New York night.

satan interior.jpeg

No. 64
Satan's Whiskers

Satan’s Whiskers is Bethnal Green’s original neighbourhood cocktail bar, first opening the doors LATE 2013. The daily changing menu means that even if you live in the neighbourhood, there will always be something new for you try. We focus on delivering exceptional classic cocktails, using a line up of spirits and ingredients that we are truly proud of, all to our now infamous hip-hop soundtrack.

Tippling Club_Exterior (1).jpg

No. 65
Tipping Club
(Singapore City/Singapore)

Tippling Club is an ultra-progressive modern gastronomy restaurant and innovative cocktail bar helmed by chef and owner Ryan Clift. Tippling Club promises to bring avant-garde cuisine to the neighbourhood in the form of a flexible, everyday dining and drinking destination. After a decade, Tippling Club continues to pair its award-winning cuisine with world-class cocktails, pushing the extremes of ingredients and textures to to create an ever-evolving  experience.


No. 66
Le 1802

Born in 1802, and burried few metters away, in the heart of historical Paris, the famous French author Alexander Dumas inspired it’s unique cocktail bar located in the Monte Cristo Hotel. Dedicated to sugarcane world and showcasing the diversity of the rum producing terroirs, 1802 creates a rum focused cocktail experience, that takes you on a journey over the footsteps of the Compte de Monte Cristo. The team also loves to share time with you to design your perfect bespoke rum tasing with the help of a collection of over 1000 different rums.

Interior Coupette.jpeg

No. 67

After launching in 2017, Coupette soon became known for its authenticity and unpretentious style. At Coupette we have always prioritised the result, using mostly classic French cooking techniques, each of our drinks are presented in beautiful classic glassware and consciously balanced for simplicity and discovery. Designed to be enjoyed without stuffiness or fuss, the drinks at Coupette are both deceptively simple and effortlessly complex. Each drink is meticulously considered, combining often intricate techniques with only a few quality ingredients to create something that is perfectly balanced, imaginatively evocative and thoroughly drinkable, time after time.


No. 68

 The multi-space venue Tjoget, in the heart of the former working-class Stockholm area Hornstull in Södermalm, offers an exhilarating ambience, busy with thirsty locals and a visiting international cocktail crowd. There is a hipster vibe and a rustic industrial interior design, with the magnificent zinc bar that lures you into its world of cocktails. Right now, the menu at Tjoget is inspired by fragrances and flavours from southern Europe, Northern Africa and the Middle East. Andreas Bergman and Joel Söderbäck are the two bartenders who, ten years ago, started this venture that always challenges the rules and norms of the industry. But this modern craftsmanship never loses sight of tradition.

barro negro team.jpg

No. 69
Barro Negro

Barro Negro is a Tequila and Mezcal bar created by 2 passionate friends, bartenders, and agave spirits lovers who have been traveling around Mexico and back to Athens for some years with one mission only- to learn the story and culture of their favorite spirits.

Their curiosity and passion for tequila and Mezcal drove them to explore more about Mexico’s reach History. Starting from the colorful Oaxaca and the ancestral production processes and then to the Magic Town of Tequila to get the real flavors, colors, and vibes and bring them to their guests to deliver them their own authentic experiences with a little twist in our beautiful Athens and to the world.

elephant room.jpg

No. 70
Elephant Room
(Singapore City/Singapore)

The Elephant Room is a culture-forward cocktail bar Inspired  by Singapore's Little India. Our cocktail program takes inspiration from the spices and ingredients that are found in Little India. Our cocktails reflect on the history, culture and craftsmanship of the Indian Diaspora in Singapore.


No. 71

Wine, cocktails, gastronomy. As in a big band, each of the musical instruments shines on their own but played together is hwen they reach excellence. Behind the bar, the team works without most of the conventional tools of the trade, using only a knife to cut the ice and weighing balances to accurately serve their creations. In other words, this is a cocktail bar
without a shaker or a mixing glass, seeking inspiration in pastry and haute cuisine techniques. Mario Villalón’s interest in a culinary approach derives from his family’s long tradition in the field. The family’s background plays a crucial role in Angelita’s concept, as 90% of the ingredients they use come from their own farm

MACE Interior_Exterior-JohnShyloski-210616_581-C1-Edit.jpg

No. 72
(New York/US)

Mace, cocktail bar helmed by Nicolas "Nico" de Soto its relocating and reopening at a new space in the heart of Greenwich Village. The iconic bar is unveiling a menu of spice-inspired cocktails, a new bar fare menu and a spacious barroom. Its bar fare offering has been expanded by Chef Cyed Adraincem, who takes inspiration from de Soto's world travels, with a focus on raw bar and seafood platters. Mace's now larger space, comprised of a front bar, fireplace alcove and back room, is light, bright and airy, with décor that nods to spices.

Photo by John Shyloski

tres monos bar.jpg

No. 73
Tres Monos
(Buenos Aires/Argentina)

Tres Monos is a bar, studio and beverage consulting group created in 2019. The company consists of a bar, whose premise is customer service and hospitality, where there is a real sense of playfulness running through the whole operation from the lights strung around the space and chilled-out service to the cocktails which are a perfectly-balanced hybrid of classic and innovative.  Giving great importance to sustainability and local producers. A studio, that seeks to educate professionals and consumers by generating different classes and workshops where they can learn about the world of drinks and cocktails with the aim of bringing people closer to our industry.

No sleep club.jpg

No. 74
No Sleep Club
(Singapore City/Singapore)

No Sleep Club's idea is simple, bringing people together with good food, good drinks to make good times. It is combination of 3 powerhouses Juan Yi Jun, Jessica Hutchinson and Peter Smit. The "No Steep' mantra is living and breathing lifestyle, consistent with food&beverage aficionados.. The No Sleep Club is a culmination of modern progressive cocktails, quality food, curated natural wines served with first

class hospitality in a no-frills setting. It brings the quality of fine-dining and world class cocktails into an

approchable setting so you can get smashed and get smashed as much as you want without judgement.

Outside Candelaria 300 DPI.jpg

No. 75

Opened in 2011, Candelaria is an authentic Mexican taqueria in the heart of Paris, where everything including the tortillas is made in-house, plus a world-class cocktail bar hides behind a small door at the back of the room. Live by the Sun and Love by the moon is their philosophy.

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