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callooh callay.jpg

No. 76
Callooh Callay

Callooh Callay opened in November 2008. At the time, cocktail bars in Shoreditch were few and far between. We wanted to open a venue which delivered high quality drinks and service, but without any of the pretension that came along with those things in 2008. We also wanted to do things a little differently with our design and with our menus, for which we have become pretty famous.

In the 13 years which have followed, we've been very lucky to have made drinks for, and served, hundreds of thousands of guests.


No. 77

Boadas Cocktails is a very old cocktail bar in the main center of Barcelona. Boadas was open in 1933 by Miguel Boadas (the pupil of Constante Ribalaigua at “El Floridita” in Cuba in the early 20’s) Miguel and his daughter, Maria Dolores Boadas, and now Jeronimo, worked together for 87 years to keep alive the soul of American Bars and the spirit of the authentic cocktails. Full of history and beloved by writers, painters and poets... our guests “The Boaditas” always come to visit us from around the globe and of course mostly our locals to enjoy the experience of crossing doors and make a trip back to better times at the 30’s or the 40’s...

Hacha Dalston exterior.jpg

No. 78
Hacha Agaveria

Hacha is a celebration of Tequila & Mezcal, London’s only Agaveria and home of the Mirror Margarita.

Known for The Agave List, an ever-changing list of 25 different agave spirits to explore, champions the agave category by inviting guests to easily explore the variety of styles and flavours, as well as a creative cocktail menu - the newly launched Cymatics menu mixes cocktails using music and it's vibrations in a truly innovative way - all served alongside Mexican dishes provided by an amazing lineup of Mexican kitchen residents, in a bright and welcoming space that pays homage to modern Mexican style. 


No. 79

Nightjar’s reputation for breathing new life into forgotten cocktails and bringing fresh perspective to classic recipes and presentation is world renowned. Alongside the cocktail menu is an extensive spirits list (including vintage spirits), a menu of tapas and sharing plates, and a nightly schedule of the very best vintage jazz, blues, ragtime, and swing that London has to offer.

Photo by Jérome Courtial

Interior Coupette.jpeg

No. 80

After launching in 2017, Coupette soon became known for its authenticity and unpretentious style. At Coupette we are using mostly classic French cooking techniques, each of our drinks are presented in beautiful classic glassware and consciously balanced for simplicity and discovery. Designed to be enjoyed without stuffiness or fuss, the drinks are both deceptively simple and effortlessly complex. Each drink is meticulously considered, combining often intricate techniques with only a few quality ingredients to create something that is perfectly balanced, imaginatively evocative and thoroughly drinkable, time after time.

Moonshiner Team color.JPG

No. 81

A decade ago, a special place was born in the heart of the City of Love, a secret refuge for lovers of great drinks and authentic speakeasy experience. Moonshiner is more than just a bar; it's a hidden corner in the heart of Paris, a tribute to the Prohibition era, and a homage to classic cocktails.
Our story begins with a stroll through the nostalgic Paris of the 1920s. At first glance, we are just an Italian pizzeria called "Da Vito." But for those who know where to look, behind the Da Vito facade, you'll find Moonshiner, a true speakeasy that will transport you to the Prohibition era in the United States. Open the secret door and discover a mysterious, intimate, and vibrant atmosphere.

two schmucks.jpg

No. 82
Two Schmucks

Two Schmucks is a five star dive bar in the Raval area of Barcelona,The bar is a reflection of the people who inhabit and they're...well, schmucks.

Outside Candelaria 300 DPI.jpg

No. 83

Opened in 2011, Candelaria is an authentic Mexican taqueria in the heart of Paris, where everything including the tortillas is made in-house, plus a world-class cocktail bar hides behind a small door at the back of the room. Live by the Sun and Love by the moon is their philosophy.

Equipo momus.jpg

No. 84

Momus Cocktail Bar, located in the eclectic neighbourhood of Chueca -Madrid-, is the first personal project of Alberto Fernandez. Here Fernández and his team -Laura Perea and Emilio Rodríguez- only serve cocktails, with no beer or soft drinks to be found. Their drinks are singular takes on the classics, with irony as the main protagonist: they’re an ode to Momus, a god from Greek mythology and is the embodiment of sarcasm and Carnival in all its forms.


No. 85
(Mexico City/Mexico)

An all-female team, has become a point of reference in the cocktail scene in Mexico City for its gothic but relaxed aesthetic and a cocktail program based on Mexican herbalism. The interior of the bar exudes an intimate, cosy and dark atmosphere, the soft, amber lighting subtly bathing the wooden walls topped with black leather furniture. The bar's shelves contain witchcraft items such as taxidermy, an Ouija board and books, as well as jars containing herbs, roots, fruit peels, etc., which are used in cocktails. Tribute is paid to all the grandmothers, great-grandmothers, mothers and traditional healers who in times past could cure everything from a broken heart to clinical illnesses with the help of herbs...

mary celeste.jpeg

No. 86
Le Mary Celeste

Diverse, international team of food, wine and cocktails lovers, having fun everyday in the Marais! 

Photo by Emma Lucila

Baxter Team - 6.jpeg

No. 87
The Baxter Inn (Sydney/Australia)

The Baxter Inn took its name from our favourite American racehorse Boston mob, its space from an old Cue Design fabric storehouse, and its look from a sports bar. When you come down the stairs, and step through the door, you’ll see straight away that we like whisky here. And whiskey too, for that matter. And we welcome you to investigate each and every one of these bottles when you visit us – our staff has a story for all of them. And there’s plenty of folks who like what our bartenders do with cocktails,

Ceresio team.jpeg

No. 88

Ceresio 7 Pools & Restaurant is a place where art, design, lifestyle, fashion and taste combine together to create the perfect mix of a ‘home away from home’. Located on the 7th floor, with beautiful views on the Milanese skyline, Ceresio 7 American Bar, is a perfect setting of experimentation and research, where both the classics and the signature cocktails are designed and created with innovative techniques, that reflect the timeless elegance of Ceresio7 mixology.


No. 89
Kol Mezcaleria

As the name suggests, KOL Mezcaleria puts mezcal, Mexico’s most celebrated spirit, front and centre – but that’s only part of the story, agave-based and otherwise. Inspired by Mexico’s convivial and vibrant mezcalerias, Chef Santiago Lastra and Bar Manager Matthias Ingelmann have championed small-scale
producers and worked directly with independent distillers to curate one of London’s most unique collections of mezcals, tequilas and other Mexican spirits. Cocktails draw on two influences: traditional Mexican drinking culture and seasonal British ingredients.

Photo by Charlie Mckay

Aubrey Team (1).jpg

No. 90
The Aubrey
(Hong Kong/China)

The Aubrey, located atop the 25th floor of Mandarin Oriental, Hong Kong is an elevated Japanese izakaya that features stunning views across Victoria Harbour. It boasts three distinctive bar experiences, a drawing room and a curio lounge. The spaces are inspired by the journey of a hungry mind and offer culturally rich beverage experiences and elevated dining, created as an ode to high-quality Japanese ingredients. The Aubrey was built to resemble the home of a 19th century European art collector interested in Japanism boasting an art collection of ukiyo-e and Japanese art sourced from auctions around the world as well as commissioned oil paintings and first edition books that borrow from the Japanism movement.

WhatsApp Image 2023-10-03 at 11.36.02 (2).jpeg

No. 91
Mag Cafè

MAG Cafe is now an institution of the Milanese hospitality scene. The venue, in a perfect Bohemian style, features a counter from an old Argentine pharmacy, a real living room for those who love to get lost in the details. Located in the heart of the Navigli, MAG Cafe is both inspiration and creation, aperfect cocktail bar where guests can relax and enjoy a good drink. Inside the bar, the atmosphere is subdued and the accurate decor is renewed periodically. Paintings and ornaments are often made by various artists who attend MAG Cafe.


No. 92
Sexy Fish

Sexy Fish is an Asian restaurant and bar located on the corner of Berkeley Square, Mayfair, serving Japanese-inspired sushi, sashimi, seafood, fish, and meat cooked on a Robata grill.

Designed by Martin Brudnizki Design Studio and decorated with art by Damien Hirst, Frank Gehry and Michael Roberts, the look and feel is mid-century glamour and opulence. The restaurant and bar is open seven days a week.

The bar, holds the world’s biggest Japanese whisky collection, as well as offering a drinks menu featuring both classic and inventive cocktails.


No. 93
American Bar at The Savoy

The American Bar first opened in 1893 and is the longest-serving cocktail bar in Britain. It is an icon in cocktail history and has played host to legendary bartenders – as Harry Craddock and Ada ‘Coley’ Coleman. It has garnered a multitude of awards during its history, The team today is headed up by head bartender, Chelsie Bailey, and bar manager, Andrea Di Chiara, who earlier this year launched The Savoy: American Bar Journal. This playful and reflective menu pays homage to moments in time, logged in liquid form, celebrating the past, present and future of bartending at The Savoy across over 130 years of history.

Photo by Jack Hardy

Common Decency_NoMad London 2.jpg

No. 94
Common Decency

Down the stairs of the storied 28 Bow Street, in the heart of Covent Garden, you’ll find Common Decency, NoMad London’s intimate subterranean bar with a cocktail programme from NoMad’s award-winning bar team. With a focus upon seasonality, community and a sense of place, Common Decency offers forward-thinking, avant-garde cocktails, served alongside modern riffs on classics with a whimsical twist.

Dead Rabbit.jpg

No. 95
The Dead Rabbit
(New York/US)

Taking its name from an infamous street gang of the era, The Dead Rabbit is housed in a landmarked building dating back to 1828 in Lower Manhattan. The Dead Rabbit combines a first-story neighbourhood taproom serving craft beer, bottled punch and Irish whiskey, with a refined second-story cocktail parlour that offers 30 original cocktails. It has an extensive raw bar and dishes inspired by the British Isles, the locality and the era.

Pier 42 Team.jpg

No. 96
Pier 42

In Oslo's beautiful Amerikalinjen boutique hotel, Pier 42, is named after the NYC landmark where many Scandinavians first set foot on American soil. The drinks programme, managed by award-winning Adrián Michalčík, similarly explores the connections that exist between Norway and the US, so each cocktail has a strong backstory inspired by historical events, nature, art and culture in either or both countries. The ambience of the modern, but comfortable, cocktail bar is relaxed, with a polished wood and glass back bar and black-and-gold constellation light fixtures casting a warm glow over the high stools. A welcoming space for visitors seeking Scandinavian hospitality. 


No. 97
Bar Termini

Established in 2014, Bar Termini is a coffee and aperitivo bar in the heart of London Soho. Inspired by the traditional bar culture of 1950s Italy, Termini is open all day for coffee moving seamlessly in the evenings for cocktails. A daytime menu of six authentic Italian coffees, which make way in the evening for a series of bespoke Negronis created by the Research and Development team and served from bottles into specifically designed bespoke glassware. In a true Italian fashion, small plates of hams and cheeses, paninis and carpaccios are available to accompany drinks throughout service.


No. 98
Velvet at Corinthia

A luxurious Champagne and cocktail bar, allowing the forbidden and a joie de vivre. In partnership with world-renowned drinks expert, Salvatore Calabrese, Velvet is bringing back the theatre to cocktail-making. Featuring classic cocktails with a modern twist, new-era drinks and Salvatore’s signatures, Velvet is redefining the roaring 1920s, an era where joy and opulence took centre stage. With interiors brought to life by David Collins Studio, artist Robson Stannard and a live band, the indulgent reds combined with royal blues create a distinctive, instantly recognisable bar for our modern-day guest.

cause effect.jpeg

No. 99
Cause Effect Cocktail Kitchen
(Cape Town/South Africa)

Cause Effect Cocktail Kitchen and Cape Brandy bar is inspired by Cape town’s oceans, mountains, fynbos and vineyards. They offer a unique 3 course cocktail experience with locally inspired spritz service, sensorial experiential cocktails and a vintage cape brandy cocktail to finish. Their cocktail kitchen is a study in creativity where they discover, create and serve the best flavours from the Cape. They use modernistic techniques inspired by history, diversity and passion for the drinks industry. 

Kimpton de Witt - Super Lyan - Bar.jpg

No. 100
Super Lyan
(Amsterdam/The Netherlands)

In bringing Super Lyan to Amsterdam, Mr Lyan (Lyaness, Lyan Cub) focused on a signature approach to playful yet sophisticated cocktails. Loving the history-rich, inclusive and hospitable capital, Dutch ingredients formed the basis for Super Lyan. With its colourful design, perfectly fine-tuned cocktails (also on draught!) and all day brunch & bar bites, Super Lyan is an eclectic living room with a relaxed garden space, and come evening, a bustling dedicated cocktail bar.

Photo by Kipmton de Witt

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