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Three Cents
Mixer Partner

Three Cents Artisanal Beverages was founded in 2014 by a group of forward-thinking bartenders in search of the perfect cocktail mixer. Every product is uniquely designed to deliver maximum flavour and carbonation to each drink. The easiest way to always create the most delicious and balanced drinks, within seconds. Three Cents uses natural ingredients without any preservatives and artificial colourings.

Three Cents point of difference lies in the process of being carbonated at maximum pressure and using a lower temperature to produce particularly bubbly sodas offering maximum flavour and long-lasting effervescence - a much sought-after quality by bartenders. A product that balances the ingredients of a cocktail or a long drink, while bringing out its savours and aromas and maintaining its fizziness.

The soda fountain culture and artisanal production in the late 19th century inspired this mixer and its name. During the time of the ‘Great Depression’ in America when soda bars became popular, soda fountains created soft drinks based on carbonated water, as it was the cheapest drink anyone could ever get at a value of two cents, and therefore it was called Two Cents Plain. Later a flavoured syrup was added to that drink and its price was set to Three Cents, where the name was inspired. The company’s portfolio consists of 2 Lines, the Signature Line with 11 variants and the Zero Sugar Line with 2 variants.

Three Cents is a premium mixer made by bartenders for bartenders.

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