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No. 76

Bar Trigona

(Kuala Lumpur/Malaysia)

Welcome to Bar Trigona, where in-the-know KL residents and Four Seasons travelers' rendezvous for exceptional cocktails and sweeping city views. Bar Trigona’s hyper-local sensibility finds inspiration in the botanical abundance of Malaysia, sourcing many of its ingredients directly from small farmers. Crafted by a team of exceptional bartenders, our drinks come with intriguing stories – such as the tropical origins of our small-batch Trigona honey.  Bar Trigona is also leading the charge to protect endangered bee populations.

Mag cafè.jpg

No. 77

Mag Cafè


MAG Café, founded in 2011, is a bohemian bar. It was born from the idea of Flavio Angiolillo and Marco Russo to offer quality drinks, exalting the common ingredients and flavors close to the national and international clients to create something new but yet recognisable. There are two drinks list per year: Autumn/Winter and Spring/Summer, conceived from the great teamwork among the members of the staff. Cocktails are thoughtful and presented to clients always in an innovative and entertaining way, a signature touch of MAG Cafè.


No. 78

Fifty Mils
(Mexico City/Mexico)

Fifty Mils breaks the classic stereotype of a hotel bar. It surprises its guests with an out-of-time-and-space ambiance, which provides it with a unique personality. Eclectic, innovative and unpretentious, Fifty Mils is hailed as one of the best bars in the city. Sip one-of-a-kind cocktails created by their star mixologists while mingling alongside international travellers and stylish locals alike.


No. 79

Hope & Sesame


Hope & Sesame, opened in March 2016, is the first “speakeasy” bar in Guangzhou. Tucked away behind a traditional Cantonese cafe in the quaint neighbourhood of DongshanKou, the bar is a joint venture between seasoned hoteliers - Bastien Ciocca & Andrew Ho, delivering hospitable service accompanied with delicious cocktails & nightly live  jazz music. From liquid clarification and exploration of different ice to sous-vide infusions and re-distillation, you will discover a wide repertoire of techniques that ultimately, perfects the drink. 


No. 80

Black Pearl


Black Pearl continues to deliver the same hospitality, enthusiasm and dedication to their guests and cocktails as they did when they opened their doors 18 years ago. This neighbourhood bar has been at the forefront of customer service and cocktail innovation, becoming an icon of the Australian bar scene.. 

pacific cocktail Haven.jpg

No. 81

Pacific Cocktail Haven

(San Francisco/USA

Pacific Cocktail Haven is located a few blocks from Union Square in San Francisco. PCH (what locals go by) is a neighbourhood cocktail bar who draws its inspiration from the Pacific Islands and Asia.  Here you'll find cocktails like the "Leeward Negroni" with coconut washed Campari, Pandan and Gin or something a bit more citrus forward like the "Thrilla in Manila" with Bourbon, Absinthe, Calamansi, Shiso, Coconut Cream and Li-Hing Mui.

3. Flying Dutchmen Cocktails - Interieur

No. 82

Flying Dutchmen Cocktails
(Amsterdam/The Netherlands)

The Netherlands bartenders Tess Posthumus and Timo Janse recently opened their first
cocktail bar, Flying Dutchmen Cocktails. The location was found in the Odeon, a national Dutch monument at Singel 460 in the heart of Amsterdam. Flying Dutchmen Cocktails focusses on (neo-)classic cocktails, drinks education and the creation of a true cocktail culture in the Netherlands. Flying Dutchmen teaches their guests and the bar industry something about bartending, about the stories behind the spirits, about existing recipes and about the bartenders who created these classic cocktails.


No. 83

Beaufort Bar


The dramatic jet-black and burnished gold décor of the Beaufort Bar exudes the glamour of a time when stars graced the renowned cabaret stage at The Savoy. Today, from a bar that stands on this very same stage, the expert team offer classic and new cocktails made with an element of drama, and one of the most extensive choices of Champagne by the glass and by the bottle. Live music is performed every evening from the adjoining Thames Foyer and can be enjoyed from the comfort and intimacy of the golden coves of the Beaufort Bar.

1862 Dry Bar-3.jpg

No. 84

1862 Dry Bar


Open since May 2012, 1862 Dry Bar is a classic cocktail bar set up in an old palace in the center of Madrid. The name of the bar answers to the coincidence of two factors: on one hand, the building in which it is located was built that year; on the other hand, in 1862 the first cocktail book in history was published in the United States. The cocktail menu, logically, is based on the true classics.  In addition, we have a section of our own recipes that we renew every season.


No. 85

Clover Club

(New York/USA)

Clover Club is the premiere cocktail bar in Brooklyn. Sure, that means exquisite cocktails, real food and an atmosphere of true hospitality. But it’s a Brooklyn cocktail bar, so that also means no velvet rope, a low-key, neighborhood vibe, live jazz from time to time and a cozy back room with a fireplace. Oh, and brunch, because you need brunch.


No. 86



Born in 2013, 1930 is the most famous speakeasy in Milan, creation of Flavio Angiolillo and Marco Russo managed by Fabio Cavagna (for friends
Benjamin). As the speakeasy tradition dictates, the 1930 address is known only to a select few. Like a hidden treasure, the 1930 Cocktail Bar remains a mysterious and fascinating place reserved for experts of the sector and for passionate mixologists. A refined and elegant environment where you can take refuge and escape the everyday life.


No. 87



BYRDI was born out of a desire to adapt to our environment. To let culture and cuisine, inspiration and ingredient shape our creations. Li,ke our next range of BIRDY cocktails.

Focusing on native produce, it's a reflection of the Australian landscape. A perfect mix of seasonal produce sourced from local producers. A cocktail encounter of which no two will ever be the same.

Photo by Haydn Cattach Photography

Charles H square.jpg

No. 88

Charles H


Tracing back to Charles H. Baker's epic travels in search of the perfect drink across eras and continents, this eponymous bar introduces a next-generation Speakeasy - setting the new standard in Seoul and beyond for its expertly curated list of spirits and top-notch bartending. With its decor, inspired by the intricate subtarranean spaces of 1920's and 1930's New York, Charles H. introduces a sense of exoticism, glamour and romance.

red frog.jpg

No. 89

Red Frog Speakeasy


In the city center of Lisbon is this cosy and warm vintage speakeasy. Serving delightful modern classic cocktails, mixed together with good music, local spirits and secrets rooms this bar makes for an enjoyable evening out.


No. 90


(Sao Paulo/Brazil)

Guilhotina Bar opened in late 2016, looking forward to offer the Brazilian city a venue that dealt in great drinks and service but headlined on fun, recognised as one of the most renowned bars in Brazil, attracting both local and international guests. Guilhotina is a bar framed by peeling brick walls, high ceilings and piping and the original flooring – an unpretentious, informal setting where guests congregate around high stools, a porch and sidewalk tables. Behind the bar is a showpiece backdrop of modern shelving, accommodating plants, bottles and bar trinkets.

Photo by Bruno Contin

Violet Hour Marcin Cymmer.jpg

No. 91

The Violet Hour


Opening in 2007, The Violet Hour is widely known as the pioneer of Chicago’s craft cocktail movement and is found in the heart of Chicago’s artistic Wicker Park neighbourhood. Guests can imbibe a seasonal rotating cocktail list, as well as an extensive selection of sought-after spirits. With a pre-prohibition style, the interior seats 96 and is divided into three salons, featuring high-backed blue leather chairs clustered around small white tables that are illuminated by candlelight. 

Photo by Marcin Cymmer


No. 92

Ceresio 7


Ceresio7 is not just a fascinating rooftop location, filled with suggestive features, such as the skyline, the pools, the sophisticated furnishings and elements of design, but also a place where it is possible to enjoy craft cocktails of the highest quality, at any time of the day. Besides the great classics, which never fail to impress, there is also a contemporary approach to the art of drinking and bartending, with a profound vision and a careful attention to the latest novelties. The cocktail list includes both the Ceresio7 signature drinks as well as a selection of new creations in line with the season.

amor y amargo.jpg

No. 93

Amor y Amargo

(New York/USA)

Amor y Amargo focuses solely on stirred cocktails that feature amari and bitters. This small space is inviting and intimate and also offers guests the opportunity to purchase bitters, cocktail books and barware. 

Electric Bing.jpg

No. 94

Electric Bing Sutt


Electric Bing Sutt is a funky & neon dazzled Asian Middle Eastern all-day bar in the heart of Beirut. Owned by award-winning bartender Jad Ballout and partners, Electric Bing Sutt is super popular with its innovative cocktails using modern culinary techniques and exotic flavours. Modern Asian Middle Eastern cocktails, authentic Asian food, natural wine, craft coffee together with a touch of New York funk, that's what sets them apart. Electric Bing is no doubt the hippest place in Beirut to enjoy Asian and global subculture with unique drinking and dining experiences. 


No. 95



Boadas Cocktails is a very old cocktail bar in the main center of Barcelona. Boadas was open in 1933 by Miguel Boadas (the pupil of Constante Ribalaigua at “El Floridita” in Cuba in the early 20’s) Miguel and his daughter, Maria Dolores Boadas, and now Jeronimo, worked together for 87 years to keep alive the soul of American Bars and the spirit of the authentic cocktails. Full of history and beloved by writers, painters and poets... our guests “The Boaditas” always come to visit us from around the globe and of course mostly our locals to enjoy the experience of crossing doors and make a trip back to better times at the 30’s or the 40’s...


No. 96

The Gibson


The Gibson opened in 2015, in small ex-English pub dating back to 1880. The design of the bar is inspired by the NYC Edwardian/Victorian era. The Whole concept is to deliver a great bar experience not just a drink, hence they focus on service, food, live music, cigars as well as drinks. The main hero of the menu is the Gibson martini - a gin base classic garnishes with a house pickled onion. They use their own gin that’s made in

co-operation with Copperhead Gin (it's a more savoury version).

HOMEBOY SEPTEMBER 2020 @lateef.photograp

No. 97



Homeboy is all about Modern Irish Hospitality. That to us is that warm welcome you’d expect from any Irish bar from around the world paired with the skill and knowledge that has seen us be recognised as one of the best cocktail bars in the world. Hospitality is a the core of everything we do, delicious cocktails, playful sinful food to a soundtrack of hiphop and RnB. 

Photo by Lateef Okunnu


No. 98



Born of the desire to be transported in a space where one can indulge in the sweet reverie of sun-drenched beached and marine reflections, CopperBay oscillates between a sailing boat square lounge and a yacht club bar. The design is elegant, with a mix of copper and light wood and features masterpieces like the copper chandelier inspired by a sailing boat wheel.
The menu features cocktail creations, aperitifs like  the "mauresque", natural wine and some selected artisanal food for an elegant picnic.

Everleigh Interior & Food - Gareth Sobey

No. 99

The Everleigh


A night at The Everleigh is a unique Melbourne experience. After entering through an American diner, walking down a dim-lit hallway and climbing a few stairs, you are whisked back in time to a bar reminiscent of the golden era, dedicated to classic cocktails and service, where people are put before drinks.

Photo by Gareth Sobey


No. 100

Nottingham Forest


The Nottingham Forest cocktail bar in Milan is a local institution, thanks to its pioneering use of molecular mixology. Merging furniture and props from the Far East, Caribbean and Africa to create a global style in which cocktail enthusiasts gather underneath suspended objects and between original pieces of "memories", souvenirs from travels to distant countries. Dario Comini's ability is in shaping material and the continuing possibility to change liquid into solid and solid into liquid to create cocktails that are good to drink.