51 - 75


No. 76

Toca da Raposa


Toca da Raposa is a small cocktail bar with cool vibes in the heart of Lisbon. This well kept secret serves drinks made with fresh seasonal Portuguese products, also focusing on local foraging. They also serve organic wines and craft beers and if you are hungry, they have a menu of vegetarian snacks.

No. 77


Erik Lorincz teamed up with Mourad MazouzI (aka Momo) to create Kwant, a bar in the basement of Momo's restaurant in central London. The cocktail bar and lounge space play with light and have a tropical feel, inspired by the movie Casablanca and designed by Bambi Sloan. It also has a space to display Erik's vintage spirits collection and a lab for fermentation and distillation.

No. 78

The Baxter Inn

Located in the basement of a building in a laneway off Clarence Street, this drinking den is surprising for the first time visitor. Behind this more than 10 metre long bar, you'll find nearly a thousand different whiskies, They also have a good selection of other spirits, beers and wines. The bartenders are welcoming, attentive and more than happy to chat with you despite the bar always being crowded.

Photo by LJ Matthews

No. 79

Raised by Wolves

(San Diego/USA)

Located in San Diego's high end Westfield UTC,  Raised by Wolves is a European inspired bar and liquor store concept. The bar is named after the Roman mythology tale of brothers Romulus and Remus. The idea is to create their own world within this world, They want you to lose perspective on where you are.

Photo by Zack Benson

No. 80

Death & Co

(New York/USA)

Owned by partners David Kaplan, Alex Day, Devon Tarby, and Ravi DeRossi, Death & Co is one of the most significant and influential bars to emerge from the current craft cocktail revival. Since its opening in 2006 in Manhattan’s East Village, Death & Co has been a must visit destination for serious drinks and cocktail enthusiasts.. Boasting a supremely talented and creative bar staff and uniquely innovative menus, Death & Co is also the birthplace of some of the modern era’s most iconic drinks.

Photo by Death & Co.

No. 81

Red Frog Speakeasy


In the city center of Lisbon is this cosy and warm vintage speakeasy. Serving delightful modern classic cocktails, mixed together with good music, local spirits and secrets rooms this bar makes for an enjoyable evening out.

No. 82

Beaufort Bar


The dramatic jet-black and burnished gold décor of the Beaufort Bar exudes the glamour of a time when stars graced the renowned cabaret stage at The Savoy. Today, from a bar that stands on this very same stage, the expert team offer classic and new cocktails made with an element of drama, and one of the most extensive choices of Champagne by the glass and by the bottle. Live music is performed every evening from the adjoining Thames Foyer and can be enjoyed from the comfort and intimacy of the golden coves of the Beaufort Bar.

No. 83

Mag Cafè


MAG Café, founded in 2011, is a bohemian bar. It was born from the idea of Flavio Angiolillo and Marco Russo to offer quality drinks, exalting the common ingredients and flavors close to the national and international clients to create something new but yet recognisable. There are two drinks list per year: Autumn/Winter and Spring/Summer, conceived from the great teamwork among the members of the staff. Cocktails are thoughtful and presented to clients always in an innovative and entertaining way, a signature touch of MAG Cafè.

No. 84

Super Lyan

(Amsterdam/The Netherlands)

Super Lyan opened in Amsterdam this year. In bringing Super Lyan to Amsterdam, Mr Lyan (Lyaness, Lyan Cub) focused on a signature approach to playful yet sophisticated cocktails. Loving the history-rich, inclusive and hospitable capital, Dutch ingredients formed the basis for Super Lyan. With its colourful design, perfectly fine-tuned cocktails (also on draught!) and all day brunch & bar bites, Super Lyan is an eclectic living room with a relaxed garden space, and come evening, a bustling dedicated cocktail bar.
Photo by Kipmton de Witt

No. 85

Nottingham Forest


The Nottingham Forest cocktail bar in Milan is a local institution, thanks to its pioneering use of molecular mixology. Merging furniture and props from the Far East, Caribbean and Africa to create a global style in which cocktail enthusiasts gather underneath suspended objects and between original pieces of "memories", souvenirs from travels to distant countries. Dario Comini's ability is in shaping material and the continuing possibility to change liquid into solid and solid into liquid to create cocktails that are good to drink.

No. 86

Electric Bing Sutt


Electric Bing Sutt is a funky & neon dazzled Asian Middle Eastern all-day bar in the heart of Beirut. Owned by award-winning bartender Jad Ballout and partners, Electric Bing Sutt is super popular with its innovative cocktails using modern culinary techniques and exotic flavours. Modern Asian Middle Eastern cocktails, authentic Asian food, natural wine, craft coffee together with a touch of New York funk, that's what sets them apart. Electric Bing is no doubt the hippest place in Beirut to enjoy Asian and global subculture with unique drinking and dining experiences. 

No. 87

Pretty Ugly


Pretty Ugly is home to intense and imaginative drinks containing ingredients with an eye to sustainability. The room, inky and scattered with stuffed birds and velvet paintings, hinges on a glowing bar that seems part machine, part mother ship. It’s kitsch on a collision course with the avant-garde, best contemplated while clutching a Mezcal cocktail and eating some Vietnamese snacks.

No. 88

The Other Room

(Singapore City/Singapore)

What if “Prohibition” started today? This is the question that triggered the conceptualisation and development of The Other Room. Inspired by the darkness of the Prohibition Era, The Other Room is the shining result of what would happen if the Eighteenth Amendment was passed today. A worldwide new concept of in-house cask finished spirits. The most unique drinking experience you will ever have. Trying extremely rare small batch spirits that you will not be able to find anywhere else in the world. Exclusivity and quality are what they do best.

No. 89

Dry Martini


Dry Martini Barcelona opened its doors 40 years ago and became an icon in the cocktail world. The word Martini is a nostalgic passport to another era – when men wore hats, when a deal was sealed with a handshake, when boxing and polo were the sports, when we watched movies instead of MTV, and when jazz was transitioning from hot to cool. Here you'll find the essence of a classic cocktail bar with leather, wood and brass.

Photo by Dry Martini Barcelona

No. 90

Amor y Amargo

(New York/USA)

Amor y Amargo focuses solely on stirred cocktails that feature amari and bitters. This small space is inviting and intimate and also offers guests the opportunity to purchase bitters, cocktail books and barware. 

No. 91

The Gibson


The Gibson opened in 2015, in small ex-English pub dating back to 1880. The design of the bar is inspired by the NYC Edwardian/Victorian era. The Whole concept is to deliver a great bar experience not just a drink, hence they focus on service, food, live music, cigars as well as drinks. The main hero of the menu is the Gibson martini - a gin base classic garnishes with a house pickled onion. They use their own gin that’s made in

co-operation with Copperhead Gin (it's a more savoury version).

No. 92



Bramble Bar is probably the most hidden bar in Edinburgh, located in the basement of a dry cleaners. Opened in 2006, its reputation has grown over the years and now is well known for its classic cocktails and white brick and low light interiors. The drinks menus is presented inside the covers of old books and the bar is  well supplied with a particularly large selection of gins and whiskies.

Photo by Bramble

No. 93

The Everleigh


A night at The Everleigh is a unique Melbourne experience. After entering through an American diner, walking down a dim-lit hallway and climbing a few stairs, you are whisked back in time to a bar reminiscent of the golden era, dedicated to classic cocktails and service, where people are put before drinks.

Photo by Gareth Sobey

No. 94



Opened in 2017 by Nicolas Munoz, Bisou is a sexy, fun and sustainable cocktail bar in Paris, The bar has no menu and the bartenders will whip up a cocktail regarding your taste and wishes. The team is lively and has a great sense of hospitality. They only use local seasonal fruits and vegetables and a huge plus is their terrace which is great for a date or to people watch.

In summertime, go for their seasonal signature slushy, the Melon Colada. 

No. 95

Alice Cheongdam

(Seoul/South Korea)

Alice is a speakeasy bar that takes you from reality, making you feel strangely comfortable. The welcome drink ingredients are purely seasonal and all their food and drinks contain ingredients from the five seas and the six continents. They might even be able to turn back time and create great memories, just like Alice in Wonderland.

No. 96



Born of the desire to be transported in a space where one can indulge in the sweet reverie of sun-drenched beached and marine reflections, CopperBay oscillates between a sailing boat square lounge and a yacht club bar. The design is elegant, with a mix of copper and light wood and features masterpieces like the copper chandelier inspired by a sailing boat wheel.
The menu features cocktail creations, aperitifs like  the "mauresque", natural wine and some selected artisanal food for an elegant picnic.

No. 97

Cause Effect Cocktail Kitchen

(Cape Town/South Africa)

Cause Effect Cocktail Kitchen and Cape Brandy bar is inspired by Cape town’s oceans, mountains, fynbos and vineyards. They offer a unique 3 course cocktail experience with locally inspired spritz service, sensorial experiential cocktails and a vintage cape brandy cocktail to finish. Their cocktail kitchen is a study in creativity where they discover, create and serve the best flavours from the Cape. They use modernistic techniques inspired by history, diversity and passion for the drinks industry. 

No. 98



The Aviary is where cocktails and service are given the same attention to detail as a four-star restaurant. Bartenders are trained as chefs, produce and herbs are carefully sourced and procured fresh daily and the name and branding of the spirit mixed is less important than its actual flavour. Drinks are made quickly and consistently in their state-of-the-art drink kitchen and innovation and tradition are both honoured.

No. 99

Sexy Fish


Opened in 2015 and adjacent to a modern Asian restaurant, the bar at Sexy Fish mix high-volume and refinement. While cocktails are their bread and butter, there is also a focus on Japanese Whisky and currently they hold the largest collection in the world.

No. 100

Bar Termini


An all day coffee and aperitivo bar inspired by the traditional bar culture of 1950's Italy, based in buzzing Soho.