No. 1

The Clumsies


The Clumsies is an all day high-volume bar set in a townhouse in the center of Athens. Serving specialty coffee, casual food and low abv cocktails throughout the day and in the evenings their signature menu, they provide a warm and welcoming atmosphere, typical of Greek hospitality.

No. 2

American Bar


The Savoy’s American Bar is the oldest surviving cocktail bar in Britain, opening its doors in 1893. The American Bar enjoys a reputation that positions it at the forefront of the industry with a unique team, innovative cocktail menu and a history steeped in the British cocktail scene.

No. 3

Connaught Bar

The Connaught Bar has become a cocktail destination for introducing artful drinks into the classic style service of hotel bars. Since 2008, under the watchful gaze of Director of Mixology Ago Perrone, the Connaught has demonstrated a consistent performance in offering a memorable drinking experience to its guests. Today, the team, led by Ago and his right hand man, Head Mixologist Giorgio Bargiani, continues to rework the classics into world-class signature creations.
Photo by Niklas Halle'n

No. 4

The Old Man

(Hong Kong/China)

This Ernest Hemingway–influenced bar is named after the author’s novel The Old Man and the Sea. The bar is famous for its I-shaped communal table, with a copper cooling strip lining the middle to keep drinks chilled and the eccentric portrait of Hemingway that is a focus of the space.

No. 5


(Singapore City/Singapore)

ATLAS graces the ground floor of one of Singapore’s most iconic buildings, Parkview Square, in the history-rich Bugis neighbourhood.
A celebration of the grand Art Deco lobbies of Europe and the era’s rich culinary and beverage traditions, ATLAS offers a carefully curated all-day drinking and dining experience that continues late into the night.

Photo by EK Yap & Atlas

No. 6


(Singapore City/Singapore)

Native opened in 2016, focusing on exploring the region’s diverse cultural and physical landscape through the lens of drinks. At Native you'll find Singapore Gins, Indian Whisky and Sri Lanakn Arrack to name a few. This idea extends to the entire venue space inclusive of furniture, aprons, ceramics and music. Cocktails are based on ideas and inspiration linking tradition, time, location and forgotten cultures.

No. 7

Floreria Atlantico

(Buenos Aires/Argentina)

From the 19th to the middle of the 20th century, more than 4 million Europeans landed in Argentina. The cultural mix of the time brought newness, dynamism to Buenos Aires and created a veritable melting pot of bars and drinks. The Floreria Atlantico is in line with this golden age of Buenos Aires. You can drink alcohol from around the world: Cocktails are unusual mixtures, cultural mirrors of the mixing of the past century. Last but not least Floreria Atlantico is in the neighbourhood of Retiro and the bar is hidden below a flower and wine shop.

No. 8

Manhattan Bar

(Singapore City/Singapore)

Inspired by the Golden Age of cocktails and fine drinking, Manhattan is reminiscent of a grand hotel bar, modern yet with a touch of old New York glamour and sophistication. Choose your tipple from artisanal spirits, classic and forgotten cocktails, meticulously crafted from the world’s first in-hotel rickhouse, with a remarkable collection of house-made ingredients, accompanied by gourmet bar bites.

No. 9



HIMKOK is an acclaimed cocktail bar embodying Norwegian culture through their handcrafted cocktails and distilled spirits. This is expressed through a cocktail menu showcasing and celebrating centuries of Norwegian traditions. Inspired by traditional techniques they convey their vision through classic cocktails combined with Scandinavian flavours using modern technology. With a fully functioning micro-distillery, they strive to create drinks and products with a pure Nordic taste through sustainable and empirical production.  

No. 10


(New York/USA)

An adored Greenwich Village neighborhood restaurant and bar established in 1915, Dante celebrates the traditional way of community in New York City. With over 100 years of history, Dante honours the simplicity of gathering with friends over authentic Italian-Australian food and world class drinks. With the re-opening of the restaurant in 2015, Australian owners Linden Pride and Natalie Hudson seek to preserve Dante’s original heritage whilst constantly striving for innovation. 

No. 11



Paradiso is a speakeasy style bar located behind a Pastrami Bar you enter through an old refrigerator. The design is a mix of wooden waves on the ceiling, white Carrara marble on the bar and jungle palmed walls. The cocktail menu consists of 25 signature drinks. Each one with unique glassware, garnishes and techniques focussed on surprising guests.

No. 12

Salmon Guru


Salmon Guru opened up it's doors on the 1st of July 2016, on the historic Echegaray Street (originally called Calle del Lobo). Just like the 1960s cocktail bar decor, the menu is an eclectic mix. You’ll find perfectly executed classic cocktails alongside their in-house creations served alongside delicious sharing platters.

No. 13


(New York/USA)

Set in a New York Tavern, The NoMad Bar is lead by award-winning Bar Director Leo Robitschek who has created a beverage program that celebrates classically-focused cocktails. Known for its unparalleled hospitality and extensive selection of spirits and wines, this bar can cater to traveling cocktail aficionados and locals alike. 

No. 14

Drink Kong


Drink Kong is somewhere you can forget all the bad things that happened throughout your day. The menu is made in a way that you have to follow your instincts through colors and small descriptions. The design is inspired by futuristic Japanese/Blade Runner style, with neon lights, arcade games and a bar that pushes the boundaries of flavour. Their love of Japan is evident in the Omakase room where customers can experience private cocktail tastings.

Photo by Alberto Blasetti

No. 15

The Dead Rabbit

(New York/USA)

Taking its name from an infamous street gang of the era, The Dead Rabbit is housed in a landmarked building dating back to 1828 in Lower Manhattan. The Dead Rabbit combines a first-story neighbourhood taproom serving craft beer, bottled punch and Irish whiskey, with a refined second-story cocktail parlour that offers 30 original cocktails. It has an extensive raw bar and dishes inspired by the British Isles, the locality and the era.

No. 16

Employess Only

(New York/USA)

In 2004, Employees Only began as a speakeasy in the heart of the West Village, created by five bar industry friends to fill a void in the after-hours scene. With an innate inclination for warm hospitality and playful, high-spirited service, they aimed to serve flawlessly executed cocktails and delicious, elevated food within one beautiful space and without pretense. Employees Only became a second home to guests who found themselves transported to another era as they indulged in a late New York night.

Photo by Emilie Baltz

No. 17

Licoreria Limantour

(Mexico City/Mexico)

Limantour opened in 2011 and offers one of the best and largest selections of cocktails in Mexico city in an upscale setting. The bar combines a love for service with innovation in design, and uses only the freshest ingredients to create sophisticated cocktails that celebrate taste, texture and aroma. Behind every cocktail at Limantour is a story to tell with a recipe created by the bartender in their quest to find a mixture with perfect balance and unique ingredients that characterise the Latin Blend.

No. 18


(Hong Kong/China)

Helmed by co-owner and top-notch mixologist Antonio Lai, Quinary takes the inventive food-science approach of El Bulli to create stimulative cocktails for all discerning drinkers. Quinary evokes the five senses with “Multisensory Mixology” – the use of multi-dimensional flavours as well as molecular elements engaging caviar, air, smoke and cream. Progressive equipment and techniques are also widely used in their drink preparation.

No. 19

High Five

(High Five/Japan)

Founded in 2008 by the famous bartender Hidetsugu Ueno, Bar High Five is located in the heart of Ginza, the shopping and lifestyle district. There's no real menu, instead, the bartender asks for your taste preferences and then starts to mix a bespoke cocktail regarding your answers. The classic bar interior is composed of a 12-seat timber bar counter and a green velvet banquette at one end of the room. 

Photo by Eleni

No. 20


(New York/USA)

Attaboy is a speakeasy in Lower East side, hidden behind a metal door on Eldrigde street. A no reservation policy is applied so you need to ring at the door bell to check if you can be seated right away or leave your phone number and comeback later. No menu here, bespoke cocktails made with clear ice, quality spirits and fresh juice. The space is narrow and lights are low, with an intimate, speakeasy style ambiance.

Photo by Luis e Carranza

No. 21



Carnaval opened in Lima in January 2018. This contemporany cocktail bar is designed like a kitchen, with four different stations producing different cocktails and at the back of the bar an open ice room. The menu is split in two parts, one with signature cocktails inspired by the flavours of the world and one with classics. A lot of the glassware is created by a local Peruvian artist with amazing details like right and left-handed glassware.

No. 22


(Sao Paulo/Brazil)

Guilhotina (meaning Guillotine) has been bringing no-frill cocktails to the Baixo Pinheiros region since 2016. The bar has a casual and relaxing atmosphere with a lean and bold cocktail list accompanied by unpretentious sandwiches and finger foods. There is an atmosphere of entertainment and spontaneity and the hosts encourage guests to practice the mantra #loseyourhead,
Photo by Guto Nobrega


No. 23



Guests will be inspired in Artesian, (named after the original 360ft-deep well under the hotel). Here even the ice is special, produced using the very latest technology, creating ice that is purer, colder and with a higher density, making it last longer and your cocktails cooler. Artesian is at the forefront of the sophisticated London bar scene, creating a perfect blend of a fun atmosphere with an innovative approach to cocktails, created by the entire team in their laboratory.

No. 24

28 Hong Kong Street

(Singapore City/Singapore)

Located minutes away from Singapore’s Central Business District, 28 Hong Kong Street is the perfect escape from the madness of the city. The cocktail bar is hidden behind one of the many old shophouses,  making it fun to find. The darkness and privacy of the room brings you back to New York cocktail bars with a very lengthy cocktail & spirits list, accommodating for every taste. Expect a dynamic mix of urban swing and hip hop classics pumped out of the speakers, creating the ultimate party vibe.

Photo by Le Cocktail Connoisseur

No. 25

Three Sheets


Opened in September 2016, by brothers Noel and Max Venning, Three Sheets is a neighbourhood bar in Dalston. Their speciality
is seasonal cocktails with a weekly rotating menu, utilising modern kitchen techniques
and ingredients to create delicious drinks.
They also provide an excellent offering of
wine and beer alongside cheese and meats
as bar snacks.