301. Milk and Honey (London/UK): closing end of September

302. The Barber Shop (Sydney/Australia)

303. Locale Firenze (Florence/Italy)

304. Spago Bar & Lounge (Singapore City/Singapore)

305. Caffe Fernet (Singapore City/Singapore)

306. The Secret Mermaid (Singapore City/Singapore)

307. Fox Trot (Lisbon/Portugal)

308. Dr. Fern's Gin Parlour (Hong Kong/China)

309. IB HQ (Singapore City/Singapore)

310. Nê Cocktail Bar (Hanoi/Vietnam)

311. Fitz's (London/UK)

312. The Blind Pig (Dublin/Ireland)

313. The Spiffy Dapper (Singapore City/Singapore)

314. Herbs and Rye (Las Vegas/USA)

315. Duck and Cover (Copenhagen/Denmark)

316. A for Athens (Athens/Greece)

317. Bar Margaux (Melbourne/Australia)

318. Victoria Brown (Buenos Aires/Argentina)

319. Employees Only (Sydney/Australia)

320. Skai Bar at Swissôtel The Stamford (Singapore City/Singapore)

321. Bellboy (Tel Aviv/Israel)

322. The Interval at Long Now (San Francisco /USA)

323. The Curator (Manila/Philippines)

324. Pussyfoot Saloon (Seoul/Korea)

325. Verne Club (Buenos Aires/Argentina)

326. Octavius (Milan/Italy)

327. Ghost Donkey (New York/USA)

328. Double Deuce Lounge (Sydney/Australia)

329. D. Bespoke (Singapore City/Singapore)

330. The House of Machines (Cape Town/South Africa)

331. Parovoz speakeasy (Kyiv/Ukraine)

332. Every Cloud (London/UK)

333. The Ritz Carlton Bar & Lounge (Macau/China)

334. Bitters & Love (Singapore City/Singapore)

335. Darkside at Rosewood ((Hong Kong/China)

336. Honi Honi Tiki Cocktail Lounge (Hong Kong/China)

337. Broken Shaker (Miami/USA)

338. Ramblin' Rascal Tavern (Sydney/Australia)

339. Ruby (Copenhagen/Denmark)

340. Opera Bar (Sydney/Australia)

341. Dogma (Antwerp/Belgium)

342. Art of Duplicity (Cape Town/South Africa)

343. L'Antiquaire (Lyon/France)

344. The Barbershop Speakeasy (Rome/Italy)

345. Scandal Bar (Beijing/China)

346. Life is Beautiful (Brussels/Belgium) 

347. Anonymous Bar (Prague/Czech Republic)

348. The Long Island Bar (New York/USA)

349. Black Angel's Bar (Prague/Czech Republic)

350. Imperial Craft (Tel Aviv/Israel)


For information on Alcohol Responsibility visit: responsibledrinking.org and responsibility.org