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No. 26

HIMKOK is an acclaimed cocktail bar embodying Norwegian culture through their handcrafted cocktails and distilled spirits. This is expressed through a cocktail menu showcasing and celebrating centuries of Norwegian traditions. Inspired by traditional techniques they convey their vision through classic cocktails combined with Scandinavian flavours using modern technology. With a fully functioning micro-distillery, they strive to create drinks and products with a pure Nordic taste through sustainable and empirical production.  

jerry thomas.jpg

No. 27
Jerry Thomas

The Jerry Thomas Speakeasy arises from the idea of bringing back to light a forgotten classic mixing style. In 2010 a group of bartenders decided to open a small club in the heart of Rome in which colleagues, spirit afficianados, the curious and industry representatives could meet and share their expertise and knowledge. This was actually the first “secret bar” in Italy. After eight years, the “Jerry” is still a reference for the bartending industry in the region by seeking, sharing and spreading its knowledge within the Italian industry.


No. 28
Dukes Bar

The DUKES Bar martinis are legendary and as quoted by the New York Times, ‘one of the world’s best.’

If the walls of this intimate space could tell a thousand stories…

Every Martini or personalised cocktail served at the internationally acclaimed bar is an occasion, with our world class bartender team at the helm. Whether visiting for the first time or more, a special rendezvous with friends, a romantic meeting with a lover or a relaxing moment after a meeting, DUKES Bar provides the setting for an unforgettable experience.

Photo by Dukes London

Dead Rabbit.jpg

No. 29
The Dead Rabbit
(New York/USA)

Taking its name from an infamous street gang of the era, The Dead Rabbit is housed in a landmarked building dating back to 1828 in Lower Manhattan. The Dead Rabbit combines a first-story neighbourhood taproom serving craft beer, bottled punch and Irish whiskey, with a refined second-story cocktail parlour that offers 30 original cocktails. It has an extensive raw bar and dishes inspired by the British Isles, the locality and the era.


No. 30
Licoreria Limantour
(Mexico City/Mexico)

Limantour opened in 2011 and offers one of the best and largest selections of cocktails in Mexico city in an upscale setting. The bar combines a love for service with innovation in design, and uses only the freshest ingredients to create sophisticated cocktails that celebrate taste, texture and aroma. Behind every cocktail at Limantour is a story to tell with a recipe created by the bartender in their quest to find a mixture with perfect balance and unique ingredients that characterise the Latin Blend.

Rosewood London_Scarfes Bar (1).jpg

No. 31
Scarfes Bar
(London /UK)

Scarfes Bar is inspired by the atmosphere of a drawing room and a sophisticated gentleman’s club. Art and books adorn the walls whilst a creative menu of cocktails and live music throughout the week adds to the exciting ambiance.


No. 32
(New York/USA)

An adored Greenwich Village neighborhood restaurant and bar established in 1915, Dante celebrates the traditional way of community in New York City. With over 100 years of history, Dante honours the simplicity of gathering with friends over authentic Italian-Australian food and world class drinks. With the re-opening of the restaurant in 2015, Australian owners Linden Pride and Natalie Hudson seek to preserve Dante’s original heritage whilst constantly striving for innovation. 

baba au rum.JPG

No. 33
Baba au Rum

Baba Au Rum is a Rum & Cocktail bar located in the historical centre of Athens. Opened on March 2009,  Baba brought fine drinking culture to the streets of Athens for the first time. Having an extended list of both classic and contemporary cocktails and an unlimited back bar with more than 350 different rums from around the world (but also a large selection of Single Malt Whiskies, Cognacs, Gins and Agave spirits). The united team of extraordinary bartenders has been here for more than six years.


No. 34

🔶🟥🔵 is a space dedicated to bringing art, and more specifically the bauhaus school of art, to life. 

Opened in May 2021 by Paul Lougrat & Remy Savage the venue is divided in 3 distinct spaces; the classroom where concepts are discussed, the manufacturing space where flavours are produced and finally the bar, where drinks are served.


No. 35
(New Delhi/India)

Sidecar is an artisanal cocktail bar in DELHI, INDIA, launched in December 2018.  It's another interpretation of a bartender's bar, where the muse is the Classic "SIDECAR" cocktail. The design to brand ethics are all made to enjoy a Sidecar perched a top the beautiful barstools.  They do most of thei flavor extraction themselves including bitters, syrups, grogs and tinctures.  Their main focus is on producing some of the finest craft cocktails ( made with lots of love & care of course!). 

_Q8A0397_Sip main.jpg

No. 36
The SG Club

Inspired by the first official journey made by the Japanese to the United States in 1860, The SG Club offers a unique blend of influences reminiscent of the era when cocktail culture was reaching its first golden age. Divided into two floors known as Sip and Guzzle,

Guzzle, located on the ground floor, offers an upbeat and warm atmosphere with a vintage
west coast feel. Downstairs awaits Sip, a basement haven hinting at an old New York gang club with samurai inspirations. Many cocktails here draw from the unique flavor combinations one finds at fine dining restaurants.

Deux 2.jpeg

No. 37
Two Schmucks

Two Schmucks is a five star dive bar in the Raval area of Barcelona,
The bar is a reflection of the people who inhabit and they're...well, schmucks.

No sleep club.jpg

No. 38
No Sleep Club
(Singapore City/Singapore)

No Sleep Club's idea is simple, bringing people together with good food, good drinks to make good times. It is combination of 3 powerhouses Juan Yi Jun, Jessica Hutchinson and Peter Smit. The "No Steep' mantra is living and breathing lifestyle, consistent with food&beverage aficionados.. The No Sleep Club is a culmination of modern progressive cocktails, quality food, curated natural wines served with first

class hospitality in a no-frills setting. It brings the quality of fine-dining and world class cocktails into an

approchable setting so you can get smashed and get smashed as much as you want without judgement.

three sheets.jpg

No. 39
Three Sheets

Opened in September 2016, by brothers Noel and Max Venning, Three Sheets is a neighbourhood bar in Dalston. Their speciality
is seasonal cocktails with a weekly rotating menu, utilising modern kitchen techniques
and ingredients to create delicious drinks.
They also provide an excellent offering of
wine and beer alongside cheese and meats
as bar snacks.

MO BAR 5.jpg

No. 40
Mo Bar
(Singapore City/Singapore)

Journey through the Pacific Ocean and discover vibrant flavours and ingredients of South East Asia at MO BAR, with stunning views of Marina Bay. Blending the finest ingredients with progressive techniques, curated beverages range from refreshing to spirituous, the innovative cocktail menu can be paired with eclectic bar bites.


No. 41

In 2016, Jean Trinh opened Alquímico in Cartagena. 

The bar is split over three floors, each with a different concept, but sharing a high-energy atmosphere. It offers cocktails highlighting local ingredients with music provided by DJs playing modern mixes of eclectic sounds. In the midst of the pandemic, Trinh made the decision to move the staff to a farm in Filandia, 800km away. At the farm, the team has built a new home and started growing organic fruits, herbs, sugarcane and speciality coffee. The ambitious farm project will continue to run as a way of supplying Alquímico with fresh organic ingredients.

The Pontiac Team 2..jpg

No. 42
The Pontiac
(Hong Kong/China)

The Pontiacisa rock ‘n’ roll craft cocktail barhelmed by Beckaly Franks, the first female mixologist to win the prestigious 42 BelowCocktail World Cup. The Pontiac is aninclusive collaboration between bar and guest. Inspired by the neighbourhood watering holes of Portland, Brooklyn and San Francisco, The Pontiac is focused on inclusivity and community.

Photo by Talia Goodwin


No. 43
(Hong Kong/China)

Helmed by co-owner and top-notch mixologist Antonio Lai, Quinary takes the inventive food-science approach of El Bulli to create stimulative cocktails for all discerning drinkers. Quinary evokes the five senses with “Multisensory Mixology” – the use of multi-dimensional flavours as well as molecular elements engaging caviar, air, smoke and cream. Progressive equipment and techniques are also widely used in their drink preparation.

Tippling Club_Exterior (1).jpg

No. 44
Tippling Club
(Singapore City/Singapore)

Tippling Club is an ultra-progressive modern gastronomy restaurant and innovative cocktail bar helmed by chef and owner Ryan Clift. Tippling Club promises to bring avant-garde cuisine to the neighbourhood in the form of a flexible, everyday dining and drinking destination. After a decade, Tippling Club continues to pair its award-winning cuisine with world-class cocktails, pushing the extremes of ingredients and textures to to create an ever-evolving  experience.


No. 45
Le Syndicat

Le Syndicat, is the first cocktail bar using only French alcohol in order to showcase the diversity France has to offer and bring back long forgotten traditional liquors. Pouring French spirits while playing hip hop, is what they do and Le Syndicat is definitely a place to party. It's a Cocktail Club, where GrandPa’s spirits have gone gangsta! 

oriole interior bar.jpg

No. 46

The Oriole’s sumptuous space is an oasis of warmth, mystery and magic where in the evening Londoners and visitors alike can enjoy a glorious sense of disconnection from the outside world. At Oriole they cherish exploration - new tastes, colours and ingredients discovered in the farthest reaches of the globe: brought back, cherished and embraced. Their drinks are described as the harvest of history and of adventure - in a glass.

MACE Interior_Exterior-JohnShyloski-210616_581-C1-Edit.jpg

No. 47
(New York/USA)

Mace, cocktail bar helmed by Nicolas "Nico" de Soto its relocating and reopening at a new space in the heart of Greenwich Village. The iconic bar is unveiling a menu of spice-inspired cocktails, a new bar fare menu and a spacious barroom. Its bar fare offering has been expanded by Chef Cyed Adraincem, who takes inspiration from de Soto's world travels, with a focus on raw bar and seafood platters. Mace's now larger space, comprised of a front bar, fireplace alcove and back room, is light, bright and airy, with décor that nods to spices.

hanky panky.jpg

No. 48
Hanky Panky
(Mexico City/Mexico)

The Hanky Panky experience is as unique as it is varied. The team is led by bar manager Roberto Ponce and is comprised of leading bartenders from Mexico City each of them claiming one night a week as their own to bring the highest level of bartending in Mexico to the bar . Hanky Panky is inspired by Ada Coleman’s cocktail “The Hanky Panky” from the The Savoy, London circa 1930. Her ingenuity and pioneering creativity being the impetus behind this venture.

The Court.JPG

No. 49
The Court

It opened in July 2019. From its lounges it's possible to admire the Colosseum. The Court is located inside the seventeenth-century Palazzo Manfredi, in this Hotel Bar with an international concept it is easy to forget that you are in Rome. To the killer panorama must be even added a strong bar program made up of surprising cocktails resulting from creativity and modern technologies, the mix is completed with the final ingredient that is the great hospitality, present in every gesture and attention of the crew.

Photo by Alberto Blasetti


No. 50

Danico is the bar attached to hotspot Daroco, a large light, and chic 180 seat Italian eatery all housed in Jean Paul Gaultier’s former flagship, located in the oldest Parisian Gallery Vivienne. The masterminds behind it are Nico de Soto and his team. Their approach of drinks are inspired by travels and cuisine, always trying to get new flavours, combinations and techniques. So come & travel !"

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