No. 26

28 Hong Kong Street

(Singapore City/Singapore)

Located minutes away from Singapore’s Central Business District, 28 Hong Kong Street is the perfect escape from the madness of the city. The cocktail bar is hidden behind one of the many old shophouses,  making it fun to find. The darkness and privacy of the room brings you back to New York cocktail bars with a very lengthy cocktail & spirits list, accommodating for every taste. Expect a dynamic mix of urban swing and hip hop classics pumped out of the speakers, creating the ultimate party vibe.

baba au rum.JPG

No. 27

Baba au Rum


Baba Au Rum is a Rum & Cocktail bar located in the historical centre of Athens. Opened on March 2009,  Baba brought fine drinking culture to the streets of Athens for the first time. Having an extended list of both classic and contemporary cocktails and an unlimited back bar with more than 350 different rums from around the world (but also a large selection of Single Malt Whiskies, Cognacs, Gins and Agave spirits). The united team of extraordinary bartenders has been here for more than six years.

addiechinn.com swift.jpg

No. 28



Inspired by European-style bars, where a quick drink signals the end of the day and the beginning of the night, Swift consists of two stylish bars, set across two floors in the heart of Soho. The ground floor runs a slick service that reflects Swift’s name, focusing on aperitifs such as Martinis and oysters. The Downstairs Bar is designed for lingering a little longer, with art-deco booths, table service, a world class whisky list and live music, courtesy of their piano.

Photo by Addie Chinn

Deux 2.jpeg

No. 29

Two Schmucks


Two Schmucks is a five star dive bar in the Raval area of Barcelona,
The bar is a reflection of the people who inhabit and they're...well, schmucks.

three sheets.jpg

No. 30

Three Sheets


Opened in September 2016, by brothers Noel and Max Venning, Three Sheets is a neighbourhood bar in Dalston. Their speciality
is seasonal cocktails with a weekly rotating menu, utilising modern kitchen techniques
and ingredients to create delicious drinks.
They also provide an excellent offering of
wine and beer alongside cheese and meats
as bar snacks.


No. 31



HIMKOK is an acclaimed cocktail bar embodying Norwegian culture through their handcrafted cocktails and distilled spirits. This is expressed through a cocktail menu showcasing and celebrating centuries of Norwegian traditions. Inspired by traditional techniques they convey their vision through classic cocktails combined with Scandinavian flavours using modern technology. With a fully functioning micro-distillery, they strive to create drinks and products with a pure Nordic taste through sustainable and empirical production.  


No. 32

(London /UK)

After launching in June 2017, Coupette soon became known for its authenticity and unpretentious style. It has since gained an international reputation. Prioritising results over techniques, Coupette’s drinks are presented in classic glassware and consciously balanced for simplicity and discovery. Complex ideas and lengthy procedures happen behind the scenes rather than as showy garnishes, leaving Coupette’s guests free to explore the flavours and nuances of the cocktail through drinking it.


No. 33

Freni e Frizioni


Freni e Frizioni is a street cocktail bar, born in 2005 in a former mechanic shop with the intention of bringing to Rome the ritual of “aperitivo” traditionally consumed in the northern regions of Italy. Over time, remaining faithful to the concept of street bar, it has developed an ever more articulated proposal thanks to the constant research and study both in terms of products, technics and hospitality, not just drinks but also music, art and design. Freni e Frizioni is a “high volume” cocktail bar where the quantity goes hand in hand with quality.

indulgent bistro.jpg

No. 34

Indulge Experimental Bistro


Indulge Experimental Bistro is located in the most unique geographic island in Asia. Indulge Experimental Bistro uses all the resources from the natural environment to contribute to their cocktails and food.


No. 35


(Hong Kong/China)

Named after the machete like tool for harvesting agave, Coa specialises in small batched agave spirits and innovative cocktails.

operation dagger.jpg

No. 36

Operation Dagger

(Singapore City/Singapore)

Named after the 1950s police operation to remove triads and gangsters from the streets of Singapore, Operation Dagger is a cocktail bar with a unique experience through both its interior and cocktail list. The bar is located in a hidden basement in Singapore’s Chinatown and is unlike any other bar in Singapore. The venue serves up experimental and innovative cocktails using 100% in-house fermented and distilled products. The interior is edgy with the central focus being its famous 10,000 lightbulb “cloud”.


No. 37

The Bamboo Bar


From its humble beginnings in 1953, The Bamboo Bar has grown in status and reputation to become a beloved Bangkok institution frequented by jazz lovers from around the world. In recent years, duo Jamie Rhind and Pinsuda Pongprom have elevated its cocktail selection to make it a must-visit venue whenever cocktail connoisseurs are in Bangkok.


No. 38


(New York/USA)

Chiselling the bar experience back to its key elements – the vibe, the drinks, the service – and perfecting them is Attaboy. That’s the reason this place is still heaving six years on from its opening –  Extraneous to these core values are pretention and excess. There’s no menu here but once you’re seated, a bartender will soon appear to get a gauge on your preferences and mood. Cocktails at Attaboy are bespoke, but tend to have classical foundations and there are some house specials to try too. Sam Ross (the co-owner along with Michael McIlroy) is the inventor of two modern classics: the Penicillin and the Paper Plane, both whisky drinks, equally exalted. 


No. 39

Dr Stravinsky


Dr.Stravinsky is a craft cocktail bar located in the narrow streets of the Born area of Barcelona. They use different techniques to develop their products (redistillation, maceration, fermentation) to create the raw materials for all their drinks and allow them to control the products 100%. The two level interior is reminiscent of an old apothecary mixed with a laboratory where herb-filled glass jars, bubbling flasks and test tubes adorn the space and create the perfect ambiance.


No. 40



Carnaval opened in Lima in January 2018. This contemporany cocktail bar is designed like a kitchen, with four different stations producing different cocktails and at the back of the bar an open ice room. The menu is split in two parts, one with signature cocktails inspired by the flavours of the world and one with classics. A lot of the glassware is created by a local Peruvian artist with amazing details like right and left-handed glassware.


No. 41


(New York/USA)

Set in a New York Tavern, The NoMad Bar is lead by award-winning Bar Director Leo Robitschek who has created a beverage program that celebrates classically-focused cocktails. Known for its unparalleled hospitality and extensive selection of spirits and wines, this bar can cater to traveling cocktail aficionados and locals alike. 


No. 42



Danico is the bar attached to hotspot Daroco, a large light, and chic 180 seat Italian eatery all housed in Jean Paul Gaultier’s former flagship, located in the oldest Parisian Gallery Vivienne. The masterminds behind it are Nico de Soto and his team. Their approach of drinks are inspired by travels and cuisine, always trying to get new flavours, combinations and techniques. So come & travel !"

hanky panky.jpg

No. 43

Hanky Panky

(Mexico City/Mexico)

The Hanky Panky experience is as unique as it is varied. The team is led by bar manager Roberto Ponce and is comprised of leading bartenders from Mexico City each of them claiming one night a week as their own to bring the highest level of bartending in Mexico to the bar . Hanky Panky is inspired by Ada Coleman’s cocktail “The Hanky Panky” from the The Savoy, London circa 1930. Her ingenuity and pioneering creativity being the impetus behind this venture.


No. 44

Please Don't Tell (PDT)

(New York/USA)

PDT (Please Don’t Tell) is located in Crif Dogs, an East Village hot dog joint. You enter through a vintage phone box within Crif to find a speakeasy-style bar. The stylishly low-key design venue has taxidermy adorned walls and you can enjoy good takes on Old Fashioneds and Sazeracs alongside waffle fries nestled in foil.


No. 45


(Hong Kong/China)

Helmed by co-owner and top-notch mixologist Antonio Lai, Quinary takes the inventive food-science approach of El Bulli to create stimulative cocktails for all discerning drinkers. Quinary evokes the five senses with “Multisensory Mixology” – the use of multi-dimensional flavours as well as molecular elements engaging caviar, air, smoke and cream. Progressive equipment and techniques are also widely used in their drink preparation.


No. 46

Licoreria Limantour

(Mexico City/Mexico)

Limantour opened in 2011 and offers one of the best and largest selections of cocktails in Mexico city in an upscale setting. The bar combines a love for service with innovation in design, and uses only the freshest ingredients to create sophisticated cocktails that celebrate taste, texture and aroma. Behind every cocktail at Limantour is a story to tell with a recipe created by the bartender in their quest to find a mixture with perfect balance and unique ingredients that characterise the Latin Blend.

Happiness Forgets Interiors 2018-13.jpg

No. 47

Happiness Forgets


Down some discreet stairs on Hoxton Square in East London lies Happiness Forgets. With out any gimmicks or frills, burgundy walls and a simple back bar, the bartenders effortlessly make delicious drinks and entertain their guests. With their tag line of 'Great Cocktails, No Wallies', what more would you want?

_Q8A0397_Sip main.jpg

No. 48

The SG Club


Inspired by the first official journey made by the Japanese to the United States in 1860, The SG Club offers a unique blend of influences reminiscent of the era when cocktail culture was reaching its first golden age. Divided into two floors known as Sip and Guzzle,

Guzzle, located on the ground floor, offers an upbeat and warm atmosphere with a vintage
west coast feel. Downstairs awaits Sip, a basement haven hinting at an old New York gang club with samurai inspirations. Many cocktails here draw from the unique flavor combinations one finds at fine dining restaurants.

panda & sons - bar (3).jpg

No. 49

Panda & Sons


Panda & Sons is the brainchild of famed Scottish bartender Iain McPherson. It's a table service cocktail bar, that’s all about friendly Scottish service in an intimate and cosy surrounding. Their cocktail menu offers exciting drinks using the latest techniques, including their very own called “Switching.” Their technique Switching is where you isolate the water from spirits and swap it with another non-alcoholic liquid. They lead the way in paying their staff the UK's “real living wage” and offering them a profit share programme.


No. 50



Located in East London Scout is a small, local cocktail bar that puts produce and flavour above anything else, serving seasonal British drinks .