No. 26

Little Red Door


With a cosy, neighbourhood vibe, international crowd and quirky staff Little Red Door has something for everyone. Creative Director Rory Shepherd says "the international team is the key to its progressiveness and creativity. Learning from each others backgrounds and everyone having a voice is so important to us".

No. 27

Dr. Stravinsky


Dr.Stravinsky is a craft cocktail bar located in the narrow streets of the Born area of Barcelona. They use different techniques to develop their products (redistillation, maceration, fermentation) to create the raw materials for all their drinks and allow them to control the products 100%. The two level interior is reminiscent of an old apothecary mixed with a laboratory where herb-filled glass jars, bubbling flasks and test tubes adorn the space and create the perfect ambiance.

No. 28

Jigger & Pony
(Singapore City/Singapore)

Since its opening in May 2012, Jigger & Pony championed the movement of bringing back classic cocktails in Singapore. Named after the double-coned measuring device used by bartenders to accurately pour out spirits, Jigger & Pony pays tribute to the 19th century, when cocktail recipes were listed in “jiggers” and “ponies”. They define modern cocktail culture, through convivial hospitality, craftsmanship and inventive concepts.

No. 29

Jerry Thomas Speakeasy


The Jerry Thomas Speakeasy arises from the idea of bringing back to light a forgotten classic mixing style. In 2010 a group of bartenders decided to open a small club in the heart of Rome in which colleagues, spirit afficianados, the curious and industry representatives could meet and share their expertise and knowledge. This was actually the first “secret bar” in Italy. After eight years, the “Jerry” is still a reference for the bartending industry in the region by seeking, sharing and spreading its knowledge within the Italian industry.

No. 30

Freni e Frizioni


Freni e Frizioni is a Street Cocktail Bar, born in 2005 on the site of a former mechanics shop. The intention of the bar was to bring to Rome the ritual of aperitif traditionally consumed in the northern regions of Italy. Over time, remaining faithful to the concept of a street bar, it has developed an ever more articulated offering thanks to constant research of products and hospitality, music, art and design.

No. 31

Operation Dagger

(Singapore City/Singapore)

Named after the 1950s police operation to remove triads and gangsters from the streets of Singapore, Operation Dagger is a cocktail bar with a unique experience through both its interior and cocktail list. The bar is located in a hidden basement in Singapore’s Chinatown and is unlike any other bar in Singapore. The venue serves up experimental and innovative cocktails using 100% in-house fermented and distilled products. The interior is edgy with the central focus being its famous 10,000 lightbulb “cloud”.

No. 32

Trick Dog

(San Francisco/USA)

Trick Dog is an award-winning cocktail bar that focuses on hand-crafted, inventive drinks, and a late-night food menu. It's a neighbourhood bar that aims to offer an experience that is “delicious, not precious,” and it's named in homage to a vintage piggy bank – featured in the logo – which co-founder Josh Harris’ father purchased for him as a child. The menu changes twice a year with proceeds from the sales of the theme menus and related events being donated to non-profit organizations that Harris and co-founder Morgan Schick believe in.

No. 33



Inspired by European-style bars, where a quick drink signals the end of the day and the beginning of the night, Swift consists of two stylish bars, set across two floors in the heart of Soho. The ground floor runs a slick service that reflects Swift’s name, focusing on aperitifs such as Martinis and oysters. The Downstairs Bar is designed for lingering a little longer, with art-deco booths, table service, a world class whisky list and live music, courtesy of their piano.

Photo by Addie Chinn

No. 34

Indulge Experimental Bistro


Indulge Experimental Bistro is located in the most unique geographic island in Asia. Indulge Experimental Bistro uses all the resources from the natural environment to contribute to their cocktails and food.

No. 35



Located in East London Scout is a small, local cocktail bar that puts produce and flavour above anything else, serving seasonal British drinks .

No. 36

Baba au Rum


Baba Au Rum is a Rum & Cocktail bar located in the historical centre of Athens. Opened on March 2009,  Baba brought fine drinking culture to the streets of Athens for the first time. Having an extended list of both classic and contemporary cocktails and an unlimited back bar with more than 350 different rums from around the world (but also a large selection of Single Malt Whiskies, Cognacs, Gins and Agave spirits). The united team of extraordinary bartenders has been here for more than six years.

No. 37

Tayer + Elementary


Opened in June 2019 by renowned bartenders, Monica Berg and Alex Kretena, Tayer+Elementary is split into two different bar concepts. Elementary situated at the front of the bar, is a light and casual bar focussed on providing simple seasonal drinks and snacks. Tayer being a more progressive and experimental bar with a more elevated offering. 

Photo by Bernard Zeija

No. 38

Scarfes Bar


Scarfes Bar is inspired by the atmosphere of a drawing room and a sophisticated gentleman’s club. Art and books adorn the walls whilst a creative menu of cocktails and live music throughout the week adds to the exciting ambiance.

No. 39

La Factoria

(San Juan/Puerto Rico)

More than just a bar, La Factoría is a place where you can feel the good vibes from the very moment you enter through their doors. Whether at the "Hijos de Borinquen" Bar, at "Shing a Ling", "La Cubanita", "Vino" or any of the six bars, the team welcomes you with warm and professional service. Their goal is clear: that you feel “en casa” and that when you go out the door you carry the best memories with you and you'll want to return. 

No. 40



Lyaness opened in March 2019 and is located on the former site of Dandelyan in the iconic Sea Containers building in London. An innovative, bright and high energy bar with a focus on key ingredients, the cocktail menu at Lyaness is designed to give guests more autonomy and allow them to discover their ultimate cocktail.

No. 41



The Oriole’s sumptuous space is an oasis of warmth, mystery and magic where in the evening Londoners and visitors alike can enjoy a glorious sense of disconnection from the outside world. At Oriole they cherish exploration - new tastes, colours and ingredients discovered in the farthest reaches of the globe: brought back, cherished and embraced. Their drinks are described as the harvest of history and of adventure - in a glass.

No. 42



After launching in June 2017, Coupette soon became known for its authenticity and unpretentious style. It has since gained an international reputation. Prioritising results over techniques, Coupette’s drinks are presented in classic glassware and consciously balanced for simplicity and discovery. Complex ideas and lengthy procedures happen behind the scenes rather than as showy garnishes, leaving Coupette’s guests free to explore the flavours and nuances of the cocktail through drinking it.

No. 43

Happiness Forgets


Down some discreet stairs on Hoxton Square in East London lies Happiness Forgets. With out any gimmicks or frills, burgundy walls and a simple back bar, the bartenders effortlessly make delicious drinks and entertain their guests. With their tag line of 'Great Cocktails, No Wallies', what more would you want?

No. 44

Speak Low


Speak Low is a speakeasy owned by Shingo Gokan, located in the old Shanghai's French concession area, hidden behind a secret door in a bartending equipment shop. The bar is composed of multiple floors with different concepts. First floor is a NYC style bar with its 20s'-style tiles on the ceiling. The second floor is more of a dive bar vibe, where you can order classics and the third floor is quiet and cosy, and offers expensive premium, signature drinks.

Photo by Speak Low

No. 45

Katana Kitten

(New York/USA)

Masahiro Urushido and Cocktail Kingdom Hospitality Group’s James Tune and Greg Boehm teamed up to gift New York with a unique Japanese cocktail bar. Located in Greenwich Village, Katana Kitten is intended to be a casual and fun combination of Japanese street-style fare and sharp drinks. It’s a two-level establishment with music and decor inspired by the Golden Gai district of Tokyo, where tiny, tightly packed bars line the streets.

Photo by Noah Fecks

No. 46

The Bamboo Bar


From its humble beginnings in 1953, The Bamboo Bar has grown in status and reputation to become a beloved Bangkok institution frequented by jazz lovers from around the world. In recent years, duo Jamie Rhind and Pinsuda Pongprom have elevated its cocktail selection to make it a must-visit venue whenever cocktail connoisseurs are in Bangkok.

No. 47

Satan's Whiskers


Satan’s Whiskers is an East London neighborhood bar that only plays hip hop.
They specialise in classic cocktails with an emphasis on technique, freshness and ice-cold glassware. With a drinks list that changes every day, you can guarantee that there’ll always be something new for you to try, and that the bartender is excited to make.

Photo by Chris Humphreys

No. 48

Le Syndicat


Le Syndicat, is the first cocktail bar using only French alcohol in order to showcase the diversity France has to offer and bring back long forgotten traditional liquors. Pouring French spirits while playing hip hop, is what they do and Le Syndicat is definitely a place to party. It's a Cocktail Club, where GrandPa’s spirits have gone gangsta! 

No. 49



Taking inspiration from the best International examples, Baccano combines the intriguing allure of a Parisian bar from the early 20th century, with the contemporary style of a New York restaurant. Serving classic Italian apertivo cocktails as well as signature drinks and fabulous Italian food, has made Baccano a must-visit in Rome.

No. 50

Bar Benfiddich


Hiroyasu Kayama opened Benfiddich Bar in 2013 in an apartment in Nishi-Shinjuku. He harvests plants and herbs grown on his family's farm in the suburbs of Tokyo (which has been in their family for 150 years). He then uses all this produce to break down and rebuild liquors and absinthe. There is no menu at Bar Benfiddich, and each cocktail is bespoke which is partly why this bar has become so popular around the world.